Sept. 29th:  Saturn stations direct ~ Saturn House Transit

Sept. 29th: Saturn stations direct ~ Saturn House Transit




Saturn is the father of linear time and represents increased concentration and focus wherever he is transiting in your chart.  In Capricorn Saturn functions extremely well.  Saturn also represents organizations, structures, governments, hierarchy, rules, regulations, family influences, Karma, maturation, wisdom and responsibility.

Saturn transits are about growth through contraction and contrast, a need for patience, handling things differently, commitment and learning lessons.  Saturn is your reality and how that manifests externally in the structures you build into your life and the commitments you assume. 

Saturn is a testing ground to prove your level of maturity in dealing with what you have learned and achieved.  Initiation is part of the Saturn process as you handle debts of the past to undertake opportunities for the future.  He offers up crisis and life situations that bestows conscious freedom of choice, put another way, who are you when no one is looking?

Where Saturn transits in your chart will be a focus through the end of 2020 - if you accept the work and service in front of you, you will be tested.  Part of the Earth vibration - challenge/crisis, depth, inner growth, evolvement and then reward.

When accompanied by love and wisdom you create those structures and steps that can lead you higher.  When not accompanied by love and wisdom beings may be a law unto themselves - seeking to sideline Karmic law and morality. 

Saturn in Capricorn shows where you need to consolidate, make wise choices and strengthen your resolve in the areas of house transited.

When Saturn stations direct @ 25 degrees of Capricorn on September 29th movement and shifts arrive in your external world.  Often tangible rewards and growth are felt during it's final transit through Capricorn before it transits into Aquarius in December ~

ARIES: Saturn transits the pinnacle of your chart, the 10th house, where your testing comes in the form of wisdom and responsibility.  Some of you may find your workplace offers few possibilities for growth or expression.  Hard work may be the norm.  Bosses and authority figures can be demanding.  You may make change to your career goals and life direction - when doors shut windows open.  Some of you may really gain traction in your efforts and align with true purpose.

TAURUS: Saturn transits the 9th house of your chart bringing focus and discipline to the areas of higher education, personal knowledge and consciousness.  More responsibility will be brought to bear in marketing, teaching, interactions with foreigners, website development/maintenance, and getting your message out to a broader audience.  Publishing and film may be a focus.  Your belief systems may be challenged bringing enforced growth in your ideals and attitudes.

GEMINI: Saturn seeks to strengthen your autonomy and self-reliance as he transits your 8th house of debt, loans, taxes, deepest desires, deepest fears and shared resources.  You may find that those people and systems of support may not be as available.  It is a ripe time to wrestle with old psychological fears and through facing them down you overcome them.  Finances may require a reckoning if facing accrued debt but consolidating your savings, portfolio and investments can birth strong and wise results.

CANCER:  Your area for personal growth and maturation is in your 7th house the area of relationships, the public, and experts that you consult with.  Saturn seeks development and new realities as he transits your 7th house of others. You have become wiser, more circumspect and take personal responsibility for your relating dynamics and interactions with others.  For some, partnership is withheld for the wisdom it brings, for others, you may be formally committing to a personal relationship or business alliance.

LEO:  The most familiar and habit prone area of life is in focus as Saturn transits your 6th house of daily work, responsibilities, health regimes, domestic animals, work environment, co-workers and those you hire for their services.  Accolades may not be plentiful while Saturn transits as you are meant to perform tasks and handle duties regardless of any lack of recognition from others.  You may go through a period of unemployment to get in touch with what work really means to you.  You may really bring form and organization to you daily living constructing solid avenues forward for your services and products.  If you have been neglecting health issues Saturn now wants you to face them and take responsibility.  Your bones, joints, ligaments and teeth can be an area of focus.

VIRGO: While Saturn transits your 5th house responsibility with children and the younger generation increases.  Your child may be going through a cycle that requires more attention and consistency from you.  Teachers may find  daily interaction with children more intense and serious.  Your child may be going through a difficult period of maturation and growth.  Dating may bring about an age difference even though the energy exchange feels equal and peer oriented.  Developing clear personal boundaries while dating is important.  Saturn's transit may be asking you to take your hobbies and creativity seriously and convert what you love into a vocation.

LIBRA:  The most personal areas of your life are highlighted as Saturn transits your 4th house of home, family, soul security, residence and parents.  An aging parent may require more time, attention and responsibility.  A parent may transition during this time.  Shoring up your resources through land or home purchases is possible.  You seek stability in the foundational areas of your life.  Working from home may produce a strong avenue for productivity and effectiveness.  Your levels of maturity and wisdom are on the increase.

SCORPIO:  Communication skills, self-expression, travel, teaching, taking classes and sibling affairs are in focus as Saturn transits your 3rd house.  Your desire to hone your vocabulary and become a more effective in communicator is strong now.  Siblings and relatives may be an area of concern and contraction.  Purchasing a car may be on the docket.  It's a positive time to commit to an avenue of learning whether formal or informal.  Conditions in your neighborhood or with neighbors may stretch you to make adjustments and exercise patience.

SAGITTARIUS:  Proving yourself to yourself is a strong theme as Saturn transits your 2nd house of self-esteem, confidence and values.  Insecurities and questions over self-worth are the areas of Saturn's growth, lessons and development.  There may be a ceiling on earning potential but you have been in a period of winning your self-respect and building up the wise use of your personal resources - talents, abilities, reliability and personal value.

CAPRICORN:  This has been a powerful period for redefining your identity and life structures while Saturn has transited your first house of identity, physical health and self-expression.  Some things may go in order to create space for the new.  Many build up businesses when Saturn transits their first house.  Your responsibility increases but so do the rewards.  Careful of overwork and stress.  Take good care of your health - teeth, bones, cartilage.

AQUARIUS:  Saturn's transit of your 12th house has highlighted a period of releasing those structures that are now in need of renewal.  The emptying out precludes a powerful personal time of renewal and external development when Saturn enters your first house in December.  Cocooning, contemplative practice and increased solitude can be helpful as your internal areas of life seek attention.

PISCES:  Your 11th house of friends, colleagues, teams, contemporaries and networking is under the discerning influence of Saturn.  Some alliances and friendships may have fallen away as you come to understand they are no longer mutually beneficial.  You may work with others to accomplish goals that reach beyond the personal.  Older friends and wise counsel are highlighted.





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I’m excited to see what 9/29 has in store for me! Your blog hits on the main areas of my life with family especially ,plus other things that I’m personally dipping my toe into 😉 Thanks for making the important things make sense to me:-). You’re awesome 💝🤗. I feel as now that I’m following you more closely, my intuition is a key for me to unlock the universe! I can use this information to improve several areas in my life! Saying thank you to you is not enough, as you’re guiding me on my path💝. Bless you Jean 💝🤗. Melissa

Melissa Chevrier

Thank you, Jean, for the clarity this article brings regarding Saturn. It is very helpful.


Thank you Jean for such an inspirational message.
Much love to you always
🇨🇮 😘

Roisin Mangan

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