December 5th:  Chiron stations Direct

December 5th: Chiron stations Direct

Since July 1st the last time a health care bill came online for passage in the United States it was shelved coinciding with the Chiron Retrograde.  Now, Chiron stations direct at 24 degrees of Pisces.  Chiron is a centaur planet and the centaurs are about generational healing if you are available for that. They are messengers and agents of the Underworld, they see in the dark and have inter-dimensional connections with the spirit world. 

Chiron was a master healer, astrologer, negotiator, and trainer of initiates.  This is a wise energy cultivated and garnered through life experience, pain, loss and the re-calibration of wholeness through integration and the healing of early wounding and the inner child.

Chiron is an invitation to heal the wounded orphans of past cycles in order to reorient your life to one of knowledge, wisdom, compassion and mentoring.

Chirons transit through Pisces has focused on your spiritual growth, awareness and sensiate force.  Imagination, day dreaming, contemplative practice, meditation, and integration are the domains of Chiron through Pisces.

Pisces represents secrets, things that are hidden, accumulation of past energy cycles, health, medicine, drugs, prisons, and confusion. 

Chiron has been transiting through the United State's 4th house representing the living conditions of the population, housing, real estate, farming, agriculture and produce.  The fourth house represents homeland, patriotism, mining, mines, coal pits and quarries.  It reflects upon land and weather conditions: earthquakes, forest fires, floods and war.  Neptune will continue his transit for several years through this house adding to the confusion, gullibility, naivete and victimization of citizens while also whispering the way forward through art, beauty, ideals, compassion, love, and creative visualization.

Yet, Chiron will transit into the US 5th house on April 17, 2018 where it will transit through September 25 and then retrograde back into Pisces through February 18, 2019.  Given the weightiness of Chiron's transit I have devoted a for purchase video on Chiron's transit of Aries (which is already heating up) delineating the energy house by house for each of the 12 signs.  You can purchase the 46 minute video  HERE.

Chiron's transit of Aries will focus on healing the identity of the individual that comprises the collective.  We are in a mighty and powerful period of reconstruction and transformation through the 2024 period.  It requires those of you seeking truth to heal, to reclaim and to strengthen your personal identity.  Why reclaim?  You have been under an influence of powerful messaging, propaganda and power manipulation for years.  It can be disorienting initially when you seek the path of truth, clarity and discernment.

While Saturn transits Capricorn the quality of character grows stronger - within yourself, others and your leaders.  You align with alacrity that those in power need to exemplify both wise knowledge and strong character.

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Since 2010 you have seen an increase in pro-corporation and anti-human legislation.  Citizens United was upheld by the Supreme Court on January 21, 2010 stating that you cannot limit free speech for corporations while legalizing campaign spending for private organizations with no limits and no transparency.  Pluto was at 4 degrees Capricorn / the North Node transited Capricorn, and Chiron and Neptune were conjunct in the sign of equality Aquarius (adding to the confusion and messaging).

Since 2010 you have seen an increase on gerrymandering (redistricting voting precincts to favor specific outcomes), tax cuts for the wealthy, reduction of public safety nets for children, the elderly and lower income families, reversals at the state levels of Roe vs. Wade, increased religious freedom legislation, increased state surveillance, and continued reductions in civil liberty legislation and cultural norms.

In April when Chiron enters Aries you begin a period of focus on children and their interests, women and their quality of life, the Stock Market, speculative interests linked to the economy, and then enjoyment, fun, public happiness.  An interesting array isn't it? 

I have started a movement called AUTHENTIC Citizens United.  Please read below and if you would like to participate and contribute to ongoing information sharing, resources to voice your truth, and community building this energy is building on my public face book page HERE ~

This is a safe place as I eliminate trolls and those committed to a path of polarization quickly.

The intention is to give energy direction to anger and the growing awareness of systematic corruption in our government agencies in a positive and life affirming manner.  We know that working consciously with energy is the harbinger of not only change but also healing.

We understand that there are passages of time when tending to yourself through retreat and personal self care is a necessary requirement during these highly transitional times. 

Blessings and Much Love to You ~





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Thank you for your messages – I will be posting both on this website and facebook and will launch that process more fully after the Winter Solstice – more to come ~

Jean Wiley

Jean, I’ve been a YouTube subscriber for many years and don’t care for the Facebook Culture, but if you go G+ with Authentic Citizens count me in!
I’d also like to take this opportunity to sincerely say how much I admire your intuitive thinking in expressing Astrological forecasts publicly for all too share! You’re a “Beautiful Soul” Jean Wiley & Thank’s for sharing the Love! Your Pisces friend… ;))

Charlie Soares

This is great Jean, I really want to participate. I don’t have Facebook. I am on Instagram and I subscribe to your You Tube channel. Will these sites be enough to keep informed?


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