Revisiting the United States Nessus Return ~

Revisiting the United States Nessus Return ~

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Nessus is a centaur planet who's orbital period is 122.5 years and it crosses the orbits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  In mythology Nessus was of dark coloring representing skin color and racial projection.

Nessus represents some form of abuse of trust, sometimes subtle, sometimes not.  Abuse patterns indicated by Nessus transits and natal placement can be psychological, physical or sexual in nature.  Inappropriate contact or behavior fall under the Nessus domain.

The buck stops here is an appropriate theme when the individual is ready to face, acknowledge and speak out.

Nessus refers to power dynamics that underlie any form of abuse.  Nessus points to circumstances that involve rape, molestation, slavery, greed, decadence, sexual obsessions/addictions, scapegoats, and all of the themes of abuse.  The will of Nessus is strong and once a decision is made there is no turning back. 

The healing quality that Nessus brings is acknowledging what was/is not okay and from that point of acknowledgement moving forward in clarity.  Speaking the unspeakable and the need to express it is more powerful when transits are active.  Nessus is a powerful healer.

Centaur planets integrate the transpersonal planets as they swing in the near the Sun and out again.  They bring in the material in a manner that is accessible. 

In October 2017 the #metoo movement was magnified with numerous people speaking out on sexual misconduct.  Jupiter had just entered the sexual and taboo sign of Scorpio and moved into trine with Nessus in Pisces.  Nessus also represents "how" one is set up and the Harvey Weinstein accusors revealed the enabling dynamics of those who worked for him. 

In March 2018, Nessus conjuncted Progressed Nessus (8 degrees Pisces) in the US chart and in April 2018 Nessus perfected his return in the US natal chart at 9 degrees Pisces and will continue to transit over these degree point through 2022.

May 2020 the world witnessed yet again the murder of a black man by the very public service group, police officers, that are meant to ensure public safety and order.  Prison for Profit public awareness increased as Nessus entered the 3rd house in the US chart in 2012 and conjuncted the United States Moon, ruler of the 8th House of of investments and earning power.  We now understand the "War on Drugs" would target (and set up) people of color to ensure a steady stream of profit for private prison systems.

Nessus also conjuncts Ceres in the US chart - crops and slavery.  Nessus Ceres also represents the erosion of soil through pesticides, GMO's and chemtrails.  In other words, it takes 5 oranges to equal the nutritional value of 1 orange that our grandparents consumed in the 1950s. We consume a plethora of food with decreasing nutritional value.

In November 2020 Nessus stations direct at 10 degrees Pisces and trines the transiting Sun in Scorpio.  Uranus in the 5th house of children, entertainment industry, Stock Market, and affairs of the female population will be in harmonious sextile to Progressed Nessus in the 3rd house.

The US Progressed Ascendant at 7 degrees of Virgo will be in opposition to Nessus through 2026 highlighting the power abuse themes and changes in the country's very identity.

Mars opposes Chiron from the 2nd to 8th house highlighting finances, earnings, health care, insurance and investment issues - there is pain here and the Uranus transit of Taurus May 2018 through July 2025 will act as a "reset" period for financial institutions and currency. 

The progressed US Chart shows Venus in opposition to Saturn from the 9th house (foreign import/export, religious affairs, justice, courts and journalism) to the 3rd house Saturn in Scorpio (transportation, communications, news, information, media, schools, Boards of Education, and losses by accidents and storms).  Education and information systems will be a focus during the 2020 election as will factual reporting.  


Uranus was discovered in the 1700's, Neptune in the 1800's, Pluto in the 1900's and now Eris in the 2000's.  Eris the the latest major discovery since Pluto in 1930.  Eris takes 557 years to orbit the Sun and anywhere from 15 to 123 years to go through each sign of the zodiac.  Most living beings have Eris in Aries in their birthchart. 

Eris created a squabble among scientists when she was refused planet status even though she was larger than Pluto.  Eris was responsible for the demotion of Pluto and feeds in perfectly with her mythology.

Eris is a goddess who was not invited to a wedding feast.  Feeling snubbed she tossed the Golden Apple into the party with the inscription "For the Fairest."  The other goddesses at the feast fought over who should be the rightful recipient and was the incident that birthed the Trojan War.  From this myth we associate Eris as representing strife, chaos, and rage.

Uranus made his first conjunction to Eris in September 2016 when the Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was gaining in prominence and power.  I would like to dub him the Eris President given the chaos and strife that followed this fateful and karmic passage.

Eris represents the birth of the new age to come, Aquarius ruled by Uranus.  Because of its stay in Aries, the transition of the ages will not be a peaceful one.  Birth is messy, bloody and often chaotic.  Eris is the twin sister of Mars or Aries. 

Eris also represents:  marginalized women, gender identity, the crisis of identity in the synthetic cyber world and those who feel left behind.

The Uranus Eris conjunction and the resulting chaos and awakening has changed as Uranus transits Taurus to do his revolutionary work with global financial systems.  But,....

now enter Pluto and Saturn to take over where Uranus left off  - moving into square from conservative leadership Capricorn to authentic, reactive and independent seeking Aries from 23 -24 degrees Capricorn to Aries which is exact in March 2019 and over the next 3 years.  Concurrently, Nessus conjuncts the US natal Nessus at 9 degrees of Pisces throughout 2019 thru 2022.

Saturn makes his exact square to Eris in January 2020 (and over the next 6 months) when the Saturn Pluto conjunct is exact.

Eris will continue to transit at 23 to 24 degrees Aries through 2022. 

It will be incumbent on all of us to behave consciously and ethically into the years ahead and to create new solutions to old problems.  Much love to you ~






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Brilliant analysis as usual Jean! I learned something very interesting about Trump here, with you calling him the “Eris” President. I realized through this insightful piece that as Bette Davis once chirped in her film, “Hold on to your hats, Kids, we are in for a bumpy ride!” I am thanking my lucky stars (Saturn in Sag conjunct my NNode in the 10th and 11th) I do not live in the chaos and the women hating vibe of Trump’s America now. Power to the People! xoxo Shawn

Shawn M. Cohen

An in-depth unequivocal exposition.
Your knowledge exceed the horizon.
I look forward to an educational experience with you.
Thank you.


An in-depth unequivocal exposition.
Your knowledge exceed the horizon.
I look forward to an educational experience with you.
Thank you.


Wow. Talking about hitting personally in my chart and in the chart of one of my children. I’ve watched you for quite awhile along with many other astrologers on you tube. Fun to learn something different from each of you. This was perhaps the most hit home feeling I’ve gotten. So be brief. My assendant at 25 cap and my son has Jupiter conjunct Chiron at 24 degrees Aires. I’m sure you can see it’s more complicated then that. We are both Pisces sun, I have a stallion including Jupiter and no node there. My son has sun and moon conjunct in Pisces, moon at 3 degree and sun at 9 degrees
( formahault 3 degrees Pisces) is certainly a challenge for anyone. I have two sons with this placement. Let’s just say my chart has lots of squares. Lots of tribes with Uranus in the 6 th. I will certainly give this info some of my attention. If you have an interest in the back story I’d love to talk to you. It’s been so out of normal (whatever that is ) reality it’s taken me at least 8 years ( the Venus retro cycle) to recoup. Really going to focus on this Venus retro, ready to see things turn around. It’s when the unimaginable happens that we stand up and become a voice for change. Pallas Athena close to my assendant certainly helped in my moment of need. Something in what you said made me think there was a significant thing that would come up again in 20/20 about this experience that happened in both of our lives about 8 years ago. Just wanted you to know your words ring true. If even just for us who are listening, maybe it’s that our encounter was the start of things to come that you were speaking of . In this video. Thanks for your work and for speaking of change in this difficult time.

Yolanda Kalb

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