Feb. 17 - March 6th:  Mercury transits Pisces

Feb. 17 - March 6th: Mercury transits Pisces

Photo by Beth Robson

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The energy of mind and linear time enters the diffusing energy of Pisces.  In Pisces the mind moves into the sensory and feeling realms.  Your creativity, compassion, and fluidity with the dimensional realms are enhanced. 

Mercury transiting Pisces relates to Soul consciousness enhancing the soul urging with the expressive nature.  This potential for integration no longer divides your external action with your internal perceptions but rather, provides a diaphanous flow.

Time feels more fluid and ethereal.  When you move beyond the limits and fears of mind you can attune to higher and deeper levels of creativity, intuition and love. 

You may feel more sensitive, spacey and emotionally intuitive during this transit.  Mercury is holding energy with the emotionally wise Venus as they travel ever more closely together through March due to Mercury's slowing (March 9th) in preparation for his retrograde on March 17th. 

This cycle of time is entrancing themes of service, creative expression, heightened appreciation for music, film, art forms, love, tenderness, empathic knowing, and your contemplative practices.

Dates of Note:

2/21 - Mercury sextile Saturn (6 degrees Pisces to Capricorn) - responsible, merging intuition with practical planning, agreements, solidifying travel plans, career developments, stable communications with children, friends and sibling.

2/25 - Mercury conjunct Neptune (13 degrees Pisces) - Orphic impressions/experiences, merging love with reason, creative ideas, film, water, artistic appreciation, sensitive communication.

2/28 - Mercury square Mars / Mercury sextile Pluto (20 degrees Pisces to Sagittarius and Capricorn) - moved to action to remedy a situation, irritation followed by understanding, anger leading to perceptual shits, conflict/resolution.

3/2 - Mercury trine Jupiter (23 degrees Pisces to Scorpio) - optimism, generosity, integrating past and enhancing psychological well being, positive commercial agreements, uplifting correspondence, support, travel, exchanging knowledge, exciting plans.

3/3 - 3/6 - Mercury conjunct Venus conjunct Chiron (27 degrees Pisces) - wise council, awareness of wounding behavior and making different choices, compassionate love, supportive sympathetic energy, spiritual teachings, healing, health solutions, esoteric interaction.

3/6 - Mercury and Venus ingress Aries

3/9 - Mercury shadow period (Mercury slows...)

3/22 - Mercury retrograde at 16 degrees Aries through 4/15

 Chiron transits Aries




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