March 28th:  Mercury stations direct conjunct Neptune

March 28th: Mercury stations direct conjunct Neptune


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Mercury is working on the collectives behalf as he takes you through a deepening and clarifying passage of soul work while he transits the mystical sign of Pisces.  The trick is to take the time and not to feel rushed in your opinions and plans. This is a time to take things step by step and not succumb to undue pressures externally or internally.  Neptune accompanies this Mercury retrograde which will cloud your vision.  Consider this a gathering period in the realm of feelings and intuitive insights but won't be ready for externalized direction until after Mercury stations direct at the end of the month.

This transit beckons you to go inward for the information that resides in your soul's history of knowledge and wisdom.  It is an ethereal and luminous process but inherently a grounding one too.  Chiron exits Pisces and Mercury enters to consciously mine the gold.  Chiron's transit has focused on the healing agency of visualization and developing a method to support your burgeoning spiritual awareness.

Mercury sorts and brings this into conscious context and application.  The trick is to exercise patience with the process (Mercury retrogrades March 5 - 28th).  Your mind needs a rest from the external, peace and quiet.  Music and art are your friends now.  Contemplative practice such as prayer, mediation, yoga, communing with nature and dream work are also your help mates.

Pisces is the awareness of dimensional realities that whisper to you in the quiet while your mind rests.  Pisces understands that anything other than love and compassion is a lie.  Pisces natural house is the 12th house of hidden knowledge, the unconscious, selfless service to humanity, access to the collective experience of one's past lives, and resurrecting service to the Soul.

It's a masterful time to connect with the feelings senses, to clear the influences of the generational past, renegotiate your fears and to create.  Mercury reaches out for opportunities with Pluto and Saturn - conscious transformation while birthing new realities; flow with the North Node in Cancer - soul work and healthy nurturing within family, community and avocation; and merges with Neptune - a potent focus for insight into the Love which underlies all ideas and events. 

Exercise patience with any confusion regarding the way to relate and clarify your spiritual and creative concepts and visions to oneself and to others.  As always there is a spectrum, the lower vibrations, or fear based, manifest as self-delusion, escapism, passive aggressiveness, lack of personal accountability, confusion, self-defeating thoughts, deception, and helplessness.  An aspect of sacrifice may travel along side this transit.

Saturn and Pluto transiting earthy Capricorn beckons you to plant those seeds that will grow into practical and sustainable forms as creative musings ultimately require action and formats.  Works of art are fueled by inspiration but then seek external outlet and application.  Loving acts of philanthropy and support need the stewardship of modulation and administration.

Confusion and then clarity develops in the external areas of church, religion, air travel and process, priests/children, prisons, hospitals, unseen governing bodies, and that which is hidden relating to young people, commerce, and travel avenues (air/road/rail).

Mercury's transit through Pisces increases your perceptions and spiritual insights. ~ Much Love to You ~

Dates of Note:

Feb. 10th:  Mercury ingress Pisces
March 28th:  Mercury stations Direct 16 degrees Pisces
April 7th:  Mercury sextile Saturn 20 degrees Pisces to Capricorn
April 9th:  Mercury trine North Node sextile Pluto 22 degrees Pisces to  Cancer to Capricorn
April 16th:  Mercury past Retrograde Shadow 29 degrees Pisces




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