December 27th:  Chiron stations direct in Aries 15 degrees (sign by sign)

December 27th: Chiron stations direct in Aries 15 degrees (sign by sign)

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December 27, 2023

Chiron direct at 20 degrees Pisces (Soul Chart)

Chiron direct at 15 degrees Aries (Tropical Chart)

While Chiron transits Pisces through May 2025 in the Sidereal Chart (spiritual/psychological) we develop a process for working with the intuitive and sensiate faculties, understanding that the mind and emotional body is a powerful creator.  The Unified Field is always responding to your continual thoughts and emotions.  You may have learned the pain of "over giving" in the name of compassion.  Pisces is not strong on limitation and this transit brings into awareness the need for healthy boundaries. We saw the uncovering of uncomfortable truths surrounding prisons, the Catholic Church, hidden government power and the power behind the health care crisis. 

Through 2027 Chiron transits Aries in the Tropical chart (Earth based systems) he will draw our attention to the wounds inflicted on our will: to our fear of powerlessness. A collective awakening will strengthen regarding human rights and free will.  Perhaps he can teach us to resolve conflicts more openly without immediately becoming destructive. The search for personal identity is strong.  Chiron's transit of Aries creates a proactive avenue for creating new structures and collective organizing.  It is a spirited and pioneering time to trail-blaze new ways of living, working and participating in personal healing modalities.

Collective awareness with an eye towards healing increases regarding the wound around war and toxic male energy (both in males and females as we are comprised of both the assertive and receptive patterns).  When Chiron completes this transit in 2027 the energetic awakening is brought to another level of culmination.

This is a transit that encourages courage and the need to develop conscious personal power.  There is an intense drive for self-identification.  As Uranus transits Taurus awakening and revolutionizing self-esteem and values, Chiron seeks to create conscious and healing self-empowerment, to move beyond the Capricorn barriers and to act idealistically with the Uranus Taurus transit.

Chiron spends the longest time in Aries approximately 8.3 years hence the importance of personal healing, and the shortest in Libra approximately 1 year. 

Chiron is attuned to the secrets of both instinct and intellect.  Pluto pushes you to evolve and to grow beyond limitations and judgments.  Chiron takes this growth to an even more intense process by triggering you into feeling all the pain of your life, other lives and of the planet. 

Chiron orbits on a 50 to 51 year cycle primarily between Saturn and Uranus – it bridges your physical self with your more subtle self.  Chiron initiates you to help you pay attention to your continual transformation (Uranus); mystical feelings (Neptune); the incessant karmic push (Pluto).  Mercury says “Figure it out!”  Chiron says “Tune in.”  Chiron creates process. Transits Virgo and Libra for only 20 months every 50 years.

Chiron rules crystals, body/mind healing, initiation, alchemy, divination, and healing with the hands.  Chiron also rules accessing multidimensional perceptions, homeopathic medicine aromatherapy, and all kinds of new but old forms of energetics medicine. 

On November 1st, 1977.  In the 1970’s when Chiron was found gave rise to the cultural phenomena of ESP, visionary breakthrough, spontaneous channeling, and alternative healing therapies. 

Chiron is a centaur in Mythology who was a great healer, alchemist, astrologer and teacher.  Chiron was skilled at hunting, medicine, music, gymnastics, warfare and astrology.  He was the founder of an ancient healing temple and he was the teacher of Achilles, Orpheus, Jason, Hercules, and many other ancient heroes and warriors.  His grandparents are Uranus and Gaia and his parents are Saturn and Venus.  He is half animal and half human – he moderates instincts and intuition with knowledge and analysis.  He himself sustained a wound that with all of his skills he could not heal.  Hence the term wounded healer. 

Chiron rules the process of work since it rules the 6th house of Virgo.  Process matters as much as the end result.  The female side tends to focus on process while the male side focuses on goals.  Most cultural collapses have occurred when individuals lost a sense of destiny, apathy set in, and everyday survival needs became overwhelming. Or they have occurred in the midst of significant climatic or political shifting, when there is opportunity for great progress or regression. 

Chiron is the bridge to the outer transpersonal planets, he provides context for energies that while operating may feel overwhelming….

Chiron rules the fusion of body and mind.  Hence the body mind connection and it’s strong rise since the 1970’s.  AS people have begun to discover how to create the realities they want, the old control structures have become barbaric. 

In conscious operation Chiron awakens the sensitivities from the past. 

Chiron in Pisces is the healing agency of visualization, of developing a method to support your burgeoning spiritual awareness i.e. – set aside time for prayer, meditation, intentional visualization and those activities that support your soul growth.  Chiron Pisces is the healing power of imagination to recreate your own experience and mental state.  Not allowing yourself to be maxed out on left brain activity – a nefarious development of the so called modern age but to balance with the felt sense – quiet subtle which needs space to perceive. 

Chiron says, “it’s okay to confess your hidden faults.” Healing journey is what we’re all in anyway whether we know it or not, want it or not or like it or not.  With Chiron look at the ruling planet of the sign in your chart and where is Virgo?  All of the Centaur planets are elliptical – they swing into the Sun and then out again between Pluto and Jupiter – crossing back and forth weaving over the outer planets.  Hence the awakening (Sun) conscious awareness of the seemingly unfathomable (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus).

Warrior energy is strong now and a need to develop conscious power/personal power is a theme.  We are seeing people/governments acting out extremely wounding power themes and an intense drive for self-identification.   As Uranus transits Taurus awakening and revolutionizing self-esteem and values / Chiron seeks to create conscious and healing self-empowerment.


Chiron transits your 1st House Aries:  Successful manifestation through charisma and leadership in conscious unfoldment.  Integrating healing skills, medical ability, coaching, teaching or astrology into one’s outlook and identity.  When unintegrated or blocked – much nervous energy.  Hard to live an ordinary life.  Learn to direct your energy.  Ground energy, and direct it.  Change in ego structure, personality structure and personal expression.  Healing the feelings of not belonging, being a stranger in one’s own life.  May awaken to the clarity of having unaccepting or critical parents.

Chiron transits your 2nd House of Aries:  Focus on what is needed on the material plane to be comfortable and productive.  Grounds into the Earth and increasingly drives you t purify and deepen with the 8th house.  Understanding the value systems are extremely unique to the individual – that you’re value system is not the only correct one – careful of judgmental tendencies.  Can be very opinionated during this time.  Time to define your values – potentially very beautiful in the giving aspects.  Healing any wounds around self-esteem and personal value.  Working with Chironic themes of healing/teaching/coaching.  Did family use $ as a tool for manipulation?  Learning to trust that there are no strings attached to kindness.

Chiron transits your 3rd House of Aries:  Integrating communication, the ability to discern/discriminate.  Strengthening communication talents.  Learning to live as you teach.  Learn by making mistakes.  Stubbornness mellowing into single mindedness through mastering a skill.  May be some important developments with sibling or relative that are critical to your growth.  May be a sense of isolation.  Integration point for the whole chart.  Thoughts – be conscious of your thoughts and speaking.  Parents/teachers who suppress authentic expression or there is no emotional content.  Developing confidence in speaking one’s mind. 

Chiron transits your 4th House of Aries:  Deepest healing of self through connection with roots – self discovery.  Intensity, deep, - release the thought of self care = selfishness – time for some “me time.”  Resonating with the suffering of humanity.  Childhood issues surfacing for awareness, integration and ultimately healing.  Studying, reading, practicing healing techniques.  Working with the root chakra – primordial life force beyond simply rational definition.  Dealing with an unavailable parent – emotionally.  Careful choosing partners who are unavailable.  Happiness based on self-love.  Deepening interest in psychology and healing arts.

Chiron transits your 5th House of Aries:  Powerful sense of the child within – powerful generator of creative force / or demanding monster.  Ego issues?  Chiron is experiential as is the 5th house.  Strong sexual drives/desires / an electrical transit – ground through birthing gifts into the world.  Alchemical process.  Very creative time.  Talk about hidden sides to learn about self and behavior.  What are your needs?  Releasing the child within – emancipating them.  Expression, teaching children, conscious sexuality.  Move the monster and become aware of playmates.  Is your life lacking passion?  Sensitive to others who’s creativity is blocked.  Great teaching skills developing.

Chiron transits 6th House of Aries:  Strong connection with medicine and/or healing.  Healthy focus.  Body/mind balance is more important now.  Work experiences and the search for a meaningful goal in life are your healers.  Bring into form your knowledge.  Solutions found in your work can integrate your life.  Meticulous hard work.  Skills in healing/medicine.  Understand that work itself is a healing therapy.  Manage your electrical energy through your chakras.  Finding balance in life through lifestyle choices.  Yoga/meditation to balance the nervous system.

Chiron transits 7th House of Aries:  Dynamic time of knowing self through others.  Charisma.  Express the collective energy into public domain.  Careful of craving adoration.  Mastering polarity – I am you and you are me.  Learning who you are through the other side.  Growth through relating.  Learning to understand the effect you have on others.  Abandonment issues may come up tied to early life.  Counseling – giving/receiving strong now.  Learning identity through your partnerships.

Chiron transits 8th House of Aries:  Struggle with earthly desires – sex, money, power…How do you handle your own power dynamics and others?  Mastering self-control and choosing not to indulge in the manipulation and control over others.  Develop high levels of values.  Working with dimensional energy /connecting with higher realms.  Dealing with debt issues/trust issues.  Learning to trust, ask for help and develop supportive relationships.  Identity within intimacy / healing love / wounding love.  Psychological development/insight.

Chiron transits 9th House of Aries:  Deeping interest in philosophy/spirituality/ teaching / travel to spiritual centers.  Teaching others about their higher development.  The more integrated you are with your higher self the more that pours into wellness in health and work.  Work with your Rising Sign energy to integrate.  Wounding belief systems – perpetuating / receiving.  Higher Education – sensitivity.  Appreciating your own unique talents/abilities.  Coaching/teaching/mentoring/publishing.  Travel that brings strong experiences.

Chiron transits 10th House of Aries:  Mastering power as a sacred gift.  Leadership with sensitivity.  Spiritual, artistic, healing gifts in work, community involvement, vocation.  Confusion about using personal power.  Old projections from childhood around power – fear of success?  Wounding authority or parental figures.  How is this tied to childhood?  Working in areas of medicine/teaching/healing.  Working through fears of outer world and authority figures.  Embodying the Chironic energy in your reputation – either wounded person or healing person?

Chiron transits 11th House of Aries:  Playing a unique role in Culture.  Opportunity to give of your creative gifts.  Need an outlet for the work of the 10th.  Needing to give your gifts and have it be graciously received.  Learn to detach and let go.  Realize you are further along in mastering your gift than you may realize.  Careful of over-inflated ego tendencies which really point to fear.  The degree to which your ego is invested can reveal how close you truly are to having a gift to give.  Sensitivity with a friend or peer group.  Some groups are healthy and some are not.  Wisdom of discernment.  Healing energy working with groups / facilitating /

Chiron transits 12th House of Aries:  Enter deeply into mysticism – developing awareness of dimensional energy, subconscious mind, the past, - working with contemplative practice – prayer, mediation, tai chi, yoga, releasing the left brain fear and over attachment to linear time.  Finding a way to attune your consciousness.  Cultivate inner knowing. Healing energy, being of service, - overcoming shyness of sharing your potential and sensitivity.  Careful of under achieving and victim energies.


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Chiron is already in Aries in my chart in the fourth house. It was just this week that I decided to take a stand against workplace harrassment. Prior to that, I felt powerlessness to assert what I knew was true. It’s not over quite unfortunately, but I am seeing with symbolic sight as Carolyn Myss puts it, how this is just a reverberation of something much stronger than I recently cleared out. No wonder my eyes are sore and burning and.y nose running all the time.


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