December 23rd:  Chiron stations direct in Aries 11 degrees

December 23rd: Chiron stations direct in Aries 11 degrees

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December 23, 2022

Chiron direct at 16 degrees Pisces (Soul Chart)

Chiron direct at 11 degrees Aries (Tropical Chart)

While Chiron transits Pisces through May 2025 in the Sidereal Chart (spiritual/psychological) we develop a process for working with the intuitive and sensiate faculties, understanding that the mind and emotional body is a powerful creator.  The Unified Field is always responding to your continual thoughts and emotions.  You may have learned the pain of "over giving" in the name of compassion.  Pisces is not strong on limitation and this transit brings into awareness the need for healthy boundaries. We saw the uncovering of uncomfortable truths surrounding prisons, the Catholic Church, hidden government power and the power behind the health care crisis. 

Through 2027 Chiron transits Aries in the Tropical chart (Earth based systems) he will draw our attention to the wounds inflicted on our will: to our fear of powerlessness. A collective awakening will strengthen regarding human rights and free will.  Perhaps he can teach us to resolve conflicts more openly without immediately becoming destructive. The search for personal identity is strong.  Chiron's transit of Aries creates a proactive avenue for creating new structures and collective organizing.  It is a spirited and pioneering time to trail-blaze new ways of living, working and participating in personal healing modalities.

Collective awareness with an eye towards healing increases regarding the wound around war and toxic male energy (both in males and females as we are comprised of both the assertive and receptive patterns).  When Chiron completes this transit in 2027 the energetic awakening is brought to another level of culmination.

This is a transit that encourages courage and the need to develop conscious personal power.  There is an intense drive for self-identification.  As Uranus transits Taurus awakening and revolutionizing self-esteem and values, Chiron seeks to create conscious and healing self-empowerment, to move beyond the Capricorn barriers and to act idealistically with the Uranus Taurus transit.

Chiron spends the longest time in Aries approximately 8.3 years hence the importance of personal healing, and the shortest in Libra approximately 1 year. 


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Chiron is already in Aries in my chart in the fourth house. It was just this week that I decided to take a stand against workplace harrassment. Prior to that, I felt powerlessness to assert what I knew was true. It’s not over quite unfortunately, but I am seeing with symbolic sight as Carolyn Myss puts it, how this is just a reverberation of something much stronger than I recently cleared out. No wonder my eyes are sore and burning and.y nose running all the time.


This is too cool

Sonya Morgan

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