When communal or tribal bonds unite a group of people, great success is possible.  But such bonding only develops as personal interests are subordinated to virtuous human relations, especially open communication and empathy.  The broader the perspective, the greater is the good that can be achieved.  The greater the potential good, the more powerful is the support behind it.  A spirit of cooperation steadies the boat for the good of all, but it does help to have an island of high ideals to row towards.

Learn to respect the power of diversity, for a community's strength lies not only in its numbers, but also in all the diverse skills and the collective resources of its members.  Like the stoutest walls reinforced by different materials, the strongest groups benefit from a tolerance of differences, which strengthens the fabric of the whole.

With a unified group solidly behind you, even difficult enterprises can be undertaken without great risk.

~Paul O'Brien


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