Friday, January 10th:  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Friday, January 10th: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

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The Saturn Pluto conjunctions is in full effect This transit signals endings in order to birth new beginnings which will develop through the year as Jupiter than goes on to expand and build on more inspired ground. 

In the coming months, however, we will certainly bear witness to profound changes in social life. Now it will become abundantly clear which foundations in our society have become too fragile to offer reliable stability. Corrections are inevitable. Where these are denied, fierce confrontations are to be expected.

Often we humans experience this transit as some sort of pressure and contraction but, this is where new cycles are born.  Life on planet Earth is about the experience of growth and evolution.  Your Higher Self has the road map and it can be challenging for our conscious mind to grasp these patterns in life. 

Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer / Exact at 2:21 p.m. EST on Friday, January 10th opposition Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury/ trine Neptune

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This is a subtler and fainter Eclipse bringing developments in the Sign of Cancer - nurturing, family, real estate, Mom, women, children, restaurants, the public, and subjective and emotional.  The Eclipse is not visible from the US but is from Africa, Europe and Asia.  The opposition to Capricorn represents developments in corporate, government and authority realms.  Such entities only make sense when they serve their public and populations.  We see a struggle now between authority vs. what humanity authentically needs to function in a healthy manner.
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