Jan. 17 - February 10th:  Venus transits Aquarius

Jan. 17 - February 10th: Venus transits Aquarius

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You will feel a bit lighter when Venus enters Aquarius.  She transitions from the work, obligations, status conscious and ambitious sign of Capricorn to seek out friendship, group activity, activism, and technological pursuits.  The relating expression is more detached, friend based and intellectual in the air sign of Aquarius.

Spiritually you feel an increased desire to be of benefit (of service) to humanity.  Pay attention to value themes now as Mars will be transiting Aquarius this Spring and Summer when he retrogrades and you go deeper into your motivations and desires through November.

Aquarius:  A nice time for a nice time.  Don't be surprised if your focus wavers just a tad as you find yourself going comfortably with the flow.  It's easier to magnetize positive outcomes, people and situations when Venus makes her yearly transit to your sign. 

Pisces:  There is value in the contemplative realms and private relating. You may donate your time to those in need of support, create behind the scenes, slide into an increased focus on your meditation practice and allow for more relaxation.

Aries:  Friendships, networking and future trends are a focus.  Value is found in your social interactions and group participation.  You are thinking of the future and what you want to create.

Taurus:  Your reputation is on display highlighting your personality in a positive manner.  Women can play a role in career advancement.  Your public status and relationships are positively on display.

Gemini: Knowledge and a desire for increasing your understanding of world events, higher consciousness and educational themes are enhanced.  Trips, women at a distance, legal developments, media, websites, publishing and adventures of the mind and spirit are highlighted.

Cancer:  Venus transiting your 8th house bodes well for increased support, sharing, intimacy and sexual themes and receiving the gift of support in whatever manner it arrives. 

Leo:  Relating is enhanced and support through your friends, partnerships, with the public, and with experts you consult with are delivering copacetic and valuable exchanges.

Virgo:  Day to day life eases up and you feel more relaxed in your schedule and work environment.  Pleasantries are found with your employees, support personnel and pets.  Your works space feels more friendly and you find time to relax and create more space in your day.

Libra:  It's a good time for a good time.  The pleasures of life beckon as you poke your head out of the areas of home, parents and private life.  You need some fun and levity now.  Romantic interests may arrive.  Your children are a source of pleasure and the creative muses are calling.

Scorpio:  Home and personal life are a focus as Venus urges a time for nesting, positive relating with those in your abode and family.  You may redecorate or make some esthetic changes in order to enhance your residence.  Relaxation comes more easily for you. 

Sagittarius:  Feeling the love in your daily living is highlighted.  You receive positive messages and deliver them too.  Your siblings, relatives and neighborhood exchanges uplifting and pleasant.  People want to talk with you.

Capricorn:  Your resources are positively affected increasing your income and the acknowledgment your talents and abilities are on the rise.  You may feel an urge to purchase beautiful objects.  Diplomacy and relating skills are a focus.


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