Jan. 26 - March 17th:  Mars transits Sagittarius ~ finding your courage ~

Jan. 26 - March 17th: Mars transits Sagittarius ~ finding your courage ~

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Mars represents your courage, determination, sexual energy, ambitions, desires and how you go about getting what you want.  In Scorpio, Mars operates more surreptitiously, protectively, passionately, suspiciously and strategically.  In Sagittarius Mars operates more courageously, flexibly, spontaneously and expansively.

Sagittarius "needs" space, growth and adventure.  Spiritually it is the higher mind and the Path.  At the personality levels it is focused on self, domination, and being right.   Sagittarius represents lawyers, higher courts, advanced degrees, journalism, foreigners, foreign countries, long distance travel, promotions, public relations, publishers, teachers and sales professionals.

Over the next 6 weeks your are more prone to take a chance in order to expand your horizons through acts of faith.  You can march over your fears and act on goals fueled by your desire for accomplishment.  Courage, wisdom and love are the higher vibrations of your instincts and actions.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your personal energy consolidates and leads you.  You need room to move as you seek personal freedom and a sense of forward momentum.  Physical activity provides a positive outlet helping to release  feelings of frustration or impatience.  Confidence and a fresh two year energy cycle commences.

GEMINI:  Others require and in some instances demand your attention.  The weeks ahead may be full of appointments and phone calls to return. Your partner's plans impact your plans, you feel more energized when working with and relating to others, client activity increases and spirited exchanges pepper our days.

CAPRICORN:  You finish up a two year cycle in order to begin anew in March.  Thoughts may filter back to the past - let them as you may subconsciously need to clear past injury or anger.  Working in private serves your need for autonomy.  You may feel motivated to engage more in the contemplative realms of prayer and meditation.

CANCER:  You have more to do on your "to-do" list.  The work environment is energized and for some, demanding.  Self-respect is found through the mundane acceptance of responsibility and performing a task well.  You may be ready to start a new exercise regime or clear up health issues.  Being of service to others carries it's own rewards.

AQUARIUS:  Courage is found in pursuing your dreams and goals.  The future is a focus for you now.  Working harmoniously with others may be challenging as you are more inclined to direct the group rather than follow the group.  Desire for friendship and socializing increases.

LEO: You are ready to take a chance in love, competitive situations, sexually, or creatively.  Pleasure is a focus.  Children and their temperament is strong and challenging.  Your desire for romance, personal pleasure and entertainment is energized.  Courage to speak your truth, express yourself and value your creative impulses increases.

PISCES:  Your ambitions are amplified now through mid-March.  Confidence and determination are your hallmarks when focused on career, marriage, parents, life direction and vocational activities.  You may come on stronger than you intend with authority figures so self-awareness helps during this transit.  A positive cycle to initiate and act upon your professional desires.

VIRGO:  Personal projects, home renovations, moving, and physical projects tied to your residence is strongly supported now.  Irritations with family, those you live with or parents is very possible.  This may be a time for airing grievances and taking responsibility in your family and private life. 

ARIES:  Marketing, promotions, travel, publishing, retreats, higher consciousness, universities, higher education, teaching, mentoring and expanding your horizons in whatever form, is encouraged now.  You need adventure, the in-take of knowledge, and escape from the mundane and routine.  Do it!

LIBRA:  The weeks ahead are busier as you are more mobile, expressive and talkative.  Circumstances connected with siblings, relatives, neighbors and community affairs are energized. You are more prone to identify yourself with your thoughts and systems of belief.  You have more courage and desire to speak your truth, write, teach, take classes and travel. 

TAURUS:  A cycle of transformation is upon you as your desires, ambitions, intimacy patterns and sexuality are under a period of rebirth and renewal.  Your partner's, companies or organizations resources/budget are important in your planning.  Tax preparation, investments, insurance and cash outflow is highlighted as is your need for sexual release and intimacy.

SCORPIO: Mars energies your resources suggesting an increase in income, purchasing power and confidence in your abilities.  Money flows in more rapidly as it equally flows out.  Your purchases reflect your desires for freedom, expansion, travel and self-reliance.  Confidence and strong self-esteem are hallmarks into the weeks ahead.

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