December 20-26th:  Mars conjunct Eris square Pluto

December 20-26th: Mars conjunct Eris square Pluto


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A testing energy is in play this week as Mars squares Pluto from 23 degrees Aries to Capricorn.  Your intention is everything now and can imbue you with a strong will to change and transform a situation in your life.  But, the challenge is real as subconscious energy is bubbling up and the shadow side of self is activated.  Pluto represents the primordial, soul records, karma and redemption.  When operating unconsciously the interface is tangled, angry, demanding, harsh and sometimes violent.

Strong and deep urges for control and domination may proliferate this week.  Aries seeks independence, self-directed action and freedom.  When Mars in Aries meets up in square with Pluto in Capricorn the themes of raw and unfiltered power is laid bare.  Tension is palpable pulling and stretching, seeking release, renewal and regeneration. 

It is a creative time to be aware of the criminal within and the predator without.  How you work with this energy is the test.  Conscious intention, replete with the "do no harm" message, and married with the need for transformation is the goal to shoot for.

If you push, expect a strong and countering push back.  Be aware of your own manipulation tactics as well as others.  Remember, Mars needs conscious awareness or he acts out thoughtlessly, angrily and harmfully.  Action both creates Karma and clears Karma.

Be aware of your ability to choose your:  responses, self-care approach, self-protection and real need for change. 

Be Safe ~~~

Much Love to You~


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I fell down in my building and ended up in the hospital with a minor concussion and near fractured elbow and other bruises. Could’ve been worse but I was on the way to school to get some work done. I had been feeling tired and heavy and then boom. …I’ll be taking the elevator from now on. And just last night, a paper towel caught fire in my apt. Hoooo was I lucky to get it to the sink on time and extinguished. Only my hair got slightly singed. Enough already!

Tanya McLean

Thanks for the helpful advice, which I read just in time before my feelings make me do something really stupid. I need to do something radical to change the relationship I’m in. It feels lonely out here so grateful thanks for caring xx


Heartlink Greetings Jean and All your Followers…
Much Gratitude for Your Transit Guidance Message…
Delivered and received with THANKS
Much Loving Blessings


Thanks for putting it in writing, I definitely want to keep this for a reminder why I have to move, find a new place to live and I have to be careful with the current one and the landlord and my motorhome I live in that doesn’t want to start, so he is threatening to keep it,,,fat chance he is such a bigot homophobe!

Douglas Albrecht

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