January 18th:  North Node transits Taurus / Uranus stations direct

January 18th: North Node transits Taurus / Uranus stations direct


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The Moon's Nodes change signs every 18 months and the last transit was 18 years ago.  The Nodes are emotional in nature and are always insightful markers tied to karma and past occurrences that are influencing your life in the present.

Your own natal nodal and moon placement provide insight and context in your healing and growth patterns moving forward.

The South Node represents the unresolved issues banging around in your psyche and in the collective mind. The South Node of unresolved karma has been transiting through Sagittarius the past 18 months highlighting beliefs that may be devoid of factual input (Gemini).  Opinions have in some cases been presented as fact and we've experience a plague of opinion, mandates and pronouncements.

In Scorpio it's time to focus upon shadow themes and what has damaged you. Scorpio themes are the secrets and unspeakable truths that need to see the light of day as surface platitudes are no longer viable. 

Scorpio rules:  betrayal, rape, criminal activity, death, rebirth, transformation, secrets, financial crimes/motivations/drives, emotional/financial support, death, new growth and how your experiences have contributed to your psychological approach and life experiences.

The North Node in Taurus is the remedy and highlights grounded energy, simplifying your life and the need for peace and quiet.  It's time to tend to your physical needs, comforts and deliberate approaches.


Uranus stations direct @ 11 degrees Taurus

Uranus is the awakening principle while Taurus seeks stability and predictability.  Taurus represents the earth and its resources including precious metals.  The increase of extreme weather will continue into the years ahead. 

Necessary changes in your value systems and how you go about obtaining a sense of security is undergoing revisions - it will be important to obtain nutritional food, to be aware of where you live (coast lines, fault lines and areas conducive to fire).

Financial systems and technology will be an area of growth in order to penetrate beneath the superficial and understand the true problematic situations underlying the changes.

A cycle of growth in media, education and online resources will proliferate.  Creativity married with innovative technology will rapidly increase.

Continued efforts to monetize, censor and control the internet will be a theme.  Finding and working with like-minded others who share your values and vision for the future strengthen.  Revolution themes grow regarding money, taxes and salaries.  The rise of cottage industries in the home will increase.

Uranus rules:  electricity, radios, radon, internet, computers, laser beams, telepathy, revolution, inventors, inventions, technology, disruption, revolution, awakening, higher mind, uranium and platinum.


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In my birth chart my North node is in Scorpio and South node is in Taurus. My Uranus is in Taurus and my Jupiter in Pisces. My rising sign is in Libera. The dream manifestation is being a team member that builds a life skill enrichment program in NM’s rural schools. One that assists young people K-12 with an enriching, heart-felt connection with each other. Heart-felt human caring feeds emotional balance and promotes a sense of safety and belonging.

Anna Jackard

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