January 31st:  Full Moon Total Blue Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

January 31st: Full Moon Total Blue Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo occurs on Wednesday, January 31st at 8:27 a.m. EST.  It will be visible from Africa, Asia, Australia and North America.  The Eclipse window lasts from 6:44 a.m. - 10:10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. 

Eclipses are phenomena that occur approximately two months out of every year.  They tend to bring life circumstances into a state of manifestation through closures, new beginnings, opportunities, grand finales and personal life culminations.  In other words, they move us human beings along in our growth and development.  Often, those things we've been anticipating or gestating upon develop during Eclipses.  The Moon holds sway over our emotions, instincts, tidal cycles and personal lives.  The Sun is the giver of life, warmth, growth and provides a deeper feeling sense to your external decisions.  When the Earth, Sun and Moon align in this particular fashion we experience chapter endings, change, emotional shifts and a sense of movement.

This is a Super Moon as it is at Perigee (closest proximity to the Earth) and will appear 14% brighter than other Full Moons.  It is also a Blue Moon as it is the second full moon within one calendar month.

The sign Leo, the Lion, holds sway over the wisdom of the heart (matters of the heart), business, management themes, children, entertainment, pleasure, play, self-expression, creativity and love.  The Moon in Leo opposes the Sun in Aquarius bridging awareness and development in your personal life vs. social life, individual creative urges vs. the group mind, unique expression vs. fitting in, the embracing of personal talents vs. how to share your talents with others.

Some possibilities sign by sign include: 

LEO:  Personal changes, appearance, physicality, desires, and personal plans are coming into culmination.  This may be due to or affect your partner, expert that you consult with, the public or personal relationship.

AQUARIUS:  Your partner may be going through change, growth, envelopment and shifting circumstances.  For some, a partnership is concluding and yet for others a partnership is culminating or confirming.  Personal developments are interwoven with others.

VIRGO:  The ethereal and spiritual realms may bring epiphanies, insights and a deeper connection with heart space.  Work done in private, secrets, volunteerism and spiritual activity bring culminations, awareness and validations.

PISCES:  Employees, work environment and responsibilities are coming in for a crescendo and sense of completion.  Personal service individuals, health dynamics, your pet, doctor or veterinarian are highlighted at the Eclipse.  Insights into your products and service are culminating.

LIBRA:  Groups, friendships, wishes, dream fulfillment, earnings from your job are highlighted now.  There may be completions in the areas of personal goals and group projects.  A friendship may be in a state of growth or completion.  A social media project or technology project is culminating.

ARIES:  Affairs of the heart, children situations, creative projects, and having more faith in your ability is highlighted now.  Learning to trust your instincts, your heart and your authentic self-expression is a theme.  A love affair may develop or end.  Your child's situation is entering a period of growth and culmination.

SCORPIO:  You may be in the spotlight at the Eclipse.  Your reputation and life direction is reaching a culminating level.  Career advancement or a change in career may be developing.  Your leadership and managerial ability is magnified.

TAURUS:  Home and family are the focus.  There may be a residential move, purchasing property, selling property and strengthening your personal life is the focus.  Changing circumstances with your parents or a family member is in state of concluding.

SAGITTARIUS: Travel, media projects, publishing, website design and expansion is highlighted at the Eclipse.  Legal situations may be culminating or starting, higher education may be pursued or finishing, long distance travel is highlighted, your child may be finishing or entering college, marketing and public relations reaching a new level.  Spiritual development, retreats and adventures may come online now.

GEMINI:  Contracts, teaching, taking classes and commercial activity is highlighted.  Situations with a sibling, neighbor or relative can reach some level of closure.  New cars or computers may be obtained.  Your communication, self-expression and writing skills are reaching levels of culmination.

CAPRICORN: Loans, investments and shared property is a focus at the Eclipse.  Emotional intimacy and deeper commitments are either finishing or developing.  Loans, debts, banking, department budgets, insurance, and payments from others may be in a state of concluding.  Psychological awareness and illumination occur now.  Something is transformed.

CANCER:  Money, earnings, your personal property and resources are in a state of conclusion - you are finishing a chapter in order to begin anew.  Raises and increased income is possible now.  Self-esteem and your value system is externalized and acknowledged.  You may be completing a job or the way you earn money and resources.  Personal validation for your talents and abilities are highlighted.

The pace of life often heats up during full moons, the more you build in space to process and let the dust settle the better.  Many feel more emotional or fatigued and yet others, more energized and restless.

Next month on February 15th is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius that will be an energy push for your development  and life themes into the weeks and months ahead when the Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius occurs in July. 

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