January 7 - 19th: Jupiter square Neptune

Photo by Beth Robson ~

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Dates of Note:

Jan 7 - 19th:  Jupiter square Neptune 14 degrees Sagittarius to Pisces

June 8 - 14th:  RX Jupiter square Neptune 18 degrees Sag to Pisces

Sept. 14 - 28th:  Jupiter square Neptune 17 degrees Sag to Pisces

The square suggests tension and the need for adjustment between your belief systems and spiritual acumen.  On planet Earth beliefs are ubiquitous - everybody has em!  Beliefs may or may not actually coincide with inherent truths or conditions.  Often, when you are on a spiritual path of contemplation, meditation and consciousness your beliefs come under review.  The vastness of dimensions and multiverses can boggle the conscious mind's reference points dissolving rigid structures and long held views.

The Jupiter Neptune square is a transport energy seeking to deliver you from some of these confining and often, limiting beliefs.  Religious and political dogma are ripe areas for shifts and changes.  Be careful of elevating false prophets, Guru's and other self-proclaimed thought leaders as this can be a potent time when the idealized and glamorized fall off their pedestals with a resounding thump.  Any human development leader worth their salt seeks to empower and educate those they work with; not through subservience and reverence.

Personally, I find it interesting how society holds their celebrity and sports figures to a higher level.  The image is very often different than the actuality.

Move through this time being open to examine some of your beliefs surrounding:  immigration, organized religion, laws, and lawmakers. There may be confusing and unknown influences affecting:  judges, legislation, airline travel, foreign countries and people, prisons, hospitals and education. 

Neptune energy when unintegrated can border upon delusional and escapist.  Jupiter when unintegrated can represent the know-it-all and self-righteous.  These are the very areas ripe for shifts, conflicts and ultimately, renegotiating your reality.

The crashing down of self-created idolization can reveal a greater and often simpler, truth.  Be aware of self-sacrifice tendencies, over giving and impractical idealism. 

This transit can potentially deliver you into a balanced and more grounded relationship with healing, compassion, gratitude and artistry.

During this square Air Traffic Controllers and TSA Agents (Jupiter in Sag) are going without pay (Neptune in Pisces - enforced sacrifice) ~





  • Thanks again, feeling a little blue right now so not sure and not much to say but I had to say thank you for all you do for us and our journey in life on this planet.

    Douglas Albrecht
  • Heartlink Greetings Jean
    Wonderful Analysis and Suggestions on how best to “Navigate” the Transits
    Much Gratitude


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