July 20th - September 5th:  Mars transits Leo

July 20th - September 5th: Mars transits Leo


Mars joins Mercury in Leo marrying instinct with conscious thought.  In Leo your desire nature grows as you leave the protective and familiar waters of Cancer.  Now, you seek pleasure, play and admiration.  Dramatic flair is a hallmark of the fixed fire sign, as is inflexibility, yet fire is the great liberator.  Mars in Leo can liberate from a focus of self-consciousness to one of vitality and love.

Concurrently Mercury conjuncts the North Node in heart awakening Leo furthering the message of spirit and awareness.  There may be an element of destiny at play in your friendships, with relatives, children, playful bouts and binding agreements.  The Left Brain seeks knowledge from the Higher Mind.

The challenge is bringing the ego urges into integration with Soul knowledge and taking action in a spiritually aware manner.  Enlightening ideas manifest urging you to include your creative instincts and impulses.  Pleasure is found in uplifting activities involving children, love, play, drama and through taking risks. ~ Sessions with Jean ~


Photo by Pia Bell Ford~

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