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July 31st - August 26th: Venus transits Cancer

Venus enters Cancer this week and transits through the water sign a majority of August.  Emotional intelligence, nourishing self and others, home, tribe, security, the feminine, family, parents and inner life are poignantly in focus this month.  As was true for your conscious awareness and instincts (Sun and Mars), now your relationships and security needs are undergoing change and transformation when Venus squares Uranus (August 24th) and opposes Pluto (August 15th).

Relationships are approached during this transit with a desire for security, familiar patterns of relating and a desire for emotional protection.  On the Soul level you perceive the reasons for sustaining nourishment of the various forms of love in your life.  In Cancer, Venus vibrates with it's esoteric ruler Neptune expanding a greater compassion for the human journey and the solicitous care required to support and nurture human life.

Wisdom and love is focused on family (and family of choice), beautiful and creative living environments, housing developments, Mom, women, the feminine energy within all beings (to receive magnetically), food preparation, restaurants, catering, hospitality industries, finances, business and with the public.

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i’m a performance poet who regularly quotes Linda Goodman in my shows.
of all the astrologers online that i have studied seriously, your writing reminds me most of hers. your understanding of the powers of the planets and signs and the way that you explain, like your recent explanation of Jupiter-Pluto interactions is powerful and right on.

This is the New Age of Aquarius. Knowledge is going to transcend efforts to censor, and that will create disruptions that allow new things that haven’t ever happened before to take place…predictable to astrologers, but surprising and vexing to the forces of delusion and spiritual tyranny that we all experienced during the last 2, 000 years. This current deal with Ophiuchus is what I want to share in this note.

In addition to using Linda Goodman, Joseph Campbell is foundational to my poetry and prose. Doing research into the origins of “the snake handler,” I figured out what that is meant to represent…the ancients called Hercules “Alcides,” Hercules being his ROMAN name (as an astrologer, of course you understand the difference between Greek and Roman names!) … Herakles was his EPHITHET, because his trials by the Queen of Gods were said to be the cause of his formidable strength as well as his divine heritage as the Son of Zeus. But the tale of his childhood strangling serpents won him the title “Alcides Ophichus.” – Herakles, the epic hero of 12 Labours is what has been mysteriously hailed by the collective consciousness as the Thirteenth Sign.

It was Linda Goodman who first hipped in Star Signs that the twelve divisions of the Radix are ages of the soul, knowing infancy in Cardinal Fire and ultimate, transcendant maturity in mutable Water. So the appearance of the name of the great hero of old in modern astrology makes sense, as Hercules the constellation is also there, outside the Ecliptic but still part of the great tapestry, ultimately, the story that the heavens and the ancient observers of things, not yet distracted by the constant noise of the modern world, where peoples in general are divorced from their origins.

“Still as a crown it shines, its station ’midst Where stout Alcides Ophiuchus grasps.”
The Metamorphoses of Publius Ovidus Naso in English blank verse Vols. I & II

lil mikey

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