July 5 - December 9th: Chiron retrograde in Aries/Pisces


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Since mid-April a new cycle arrived focused on your identity, personal awareness and self-empowerment.  We've all had a "taste" of this next cycle of evolution that the Divine Universe is seeking to impart in order to further our development and growth.

Chiron rules the fusion of body and mind - hence its strong affinity with health and wellness.  In conscious operation Chiron awakens the wounds from the past (early in this life and even past cycles of incarnation). 

Chiron is the "interpreter" of the outer planets - Neptune, Pluto and Uranus and provides context for energies that while operating may at times feel overwhelming. 

Chiron initiates you to help you pay attention to your continual transformation (Uranus); mystical feelings (Neptune) and the incessant karmic push (Pluto).  Mercury says, "figure it out," while Chiron says, "tune in."  Chiron takes this growth to an even more intense process by triggering you into feeling all of the pain in your life, other lives and of the planet.

With Chiron transiting Aries the search for personal identity predominates.  Who are you?  Why are you here?  What do people want from me?  This is a spirited and pioneering time trailblazing new ways of living, working and healing. 

Warrior energy is strong now and a need to develop conscious power and personal power is a theme.  We are seeing people and governments acting out extremely wounding power themes.  This is the process on the planet - awareness, integration, healing and self-mastery.  The dark informs the light.  Corruption is the propulsion system for reclaiming your internal morality, autonomy, heart and compassion.

Chiron entered Aries on April 17th, retrogrades back into the sensiate and creative energy of Pisces on September 25th and then fully commits to it's Aries transit on February 18, 2019.

Blessing on your healing, awakening and right use of energy - the world and the future depends upon it.  ~ Much Love, Jean




  • thank you for sharing your gift, I look forward to your insight 💫

  • Thankyou Jean 🙏😇🙏
    onwards and upwards 💜

    Jonathan Stanbury

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