July Part 1 ~ Full Moon Capricorn

July Part 1 ~ Full Moon Capricorn

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Welcome to my channel and thank you for visiting – I’m Jean a soul coach, teacher and psychic medium.  I have summer discounts on sessions and an upcoming Webinar discussing the Nodal Axis shift from Taurus/Scorpio into Aries/Libra on July 17th.

The Sun and Mercury join hands on July 1st in Cancer or Gemini in the Sidereal Chart – a very communicative time as we head into the July 4th holiday weekend here in the United states what makes this special is they are sextiling Jupiter in Taurus 9 degrees Cancer to Taurus – indicating more movement, travel and positive discourse.  Cancer rules the family and community and Taurus our value systems, resources and confidence.

Be aware on July 2nd that Venus moves in to square with Uranus in Taurus from her long transit of Leo this may help move some energy during this fixed sign square.  Given that Uranus is unpredictable that are many possibilities of expressions – getting out of your comfort zone in an exciting manner, plans may shift unexpectedly and Venus in the sign of pleasure, children and love relationship may deliver a surprise or two.

On the July 3rd is the Full Moon in Capricorn – Capricorn rules ego structures, the outer world, authority such as parents, leaders and governments so conditions are culminating in these areas and full moons always highlight our emotional state and personal lives and in this case tied to your personal path, public life and employment. 

This full moon makes a harmonious trine to Jupiter in Taurus and sextiles Saturn the ruler of Capricorn in watery Pisces.  The disciplined and goal-oriented nature of Capricorn finds harmonious support from Jupiter's expansive influence.  A time when you can pursue ambitions with confidence and optimism. Simultaneously, the sextile between the Full Moon and Saturn in Pisces offers a practical and grounded approach to manifesting dreams, infusing them with compassion and a deep sense of purpose. This alignment encourages you to blend worldly aspirations with spiritual insights – A  time of balancing practicality and intuition, embracing opportunities, and leveraging your inner wisdom to create a solid foundation for future success and personal transformation.

On July 10th Mars transits Virgo through August 27th:  Mars in Virgo represents a dynamic and action-oriented energy that is tempered by the analytical and detail-oriented qualities of Virgo. With Mars, the planet of assertiveness and drive, in this earth sign, you can approach tasks and challenges with a methodical and practical mindset.  A strong work ethic , health matters, precision, efficiency, and attention to detail are themes now.  Be aware of hypercritical or perfectionist tendencies with yourself and others.  An effective time for organization, problem-solving, and the ability to analyze and improve processes.  You can spot flaws and inefficiencies leading to practical solutions.

Balancing the desire for excellence with flexibility and self-compassion allows this Mars in Virgo to engage with your analytical power and while maintaining a healthy and sustainable approach to their endeavors.

Mercury will join Venus and transits Leo through the 28th of the month.  Mercury is mind, life tempo, communications and mobility.  The sign of Leo highlights children, your inner child, managerial themes and creativity. 

He squares the North Node indicating a challenge/need for adjustment regarding self-expression and personal desires with grounding ideas in tangible reality or a struggle to find a balance between personal expression and the need for stability.

For example a client named Lily had Mercury square the North Node in her birth chart. She was a natural communicator, a quick mind and a way with words. Lily loved expressing herself through writing and public speaking. Her ideas were creative and she had a strong desire to share her thoughts and opinions with others.

However, Lily also had a deep-rooted fear of being judged or criticized. This fear often held her back from fully embracing her creative potential and expressing herself authentically. She struggled to find the balance between self-expression and the need for practicality and stability, as indicated by the North Node in Taurus.

Lily decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal development. She engaged in activities that helped boost her self-confidence, such as joining a public speaking club and attending writing workshops. She also came to me to help guide her in honing her communication skills and overcoming her fear of judgment.

As her confidence grew, and she began to achieve recognition for her unique voice and ideas. She realized that her square aspect between Mercury and the North Node was not a limitation, but rather a catalyst for her personal growth and evolution. It was through navigating the tension between self-expression and practicality that she discovered her true power and potential.

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