Lunar Eclipse on Monday, January 21st ~

Lunar Eclipse on Monday, January 21st ~

Photo by Allen Morrison

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The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse is exact on Monday, January 21st at 12:16 a.m. EST 1 degree Leo square Uranus and trine Chiron.  It will be visible from North and South America and for East Asia and Western Europe as a Partial Eclipse.

A chapter is ending and culminating in order to give rise to a new chapter and life circumstance.  In Leo the focus is on your heart, children, executives, entertainment industry, and following your bliss.  This Eclipse also pulls in the themes of Mom, home, family, residence, security and emotions. 

A testy, hard-working, frustrating, need for patience Mars Saturn square accompanies this eclipse inviting you to manage your tension, irritation, energy levels and emotional intelligence.  Venus is also hugging Jupiter (conjunction) in Sagittarius expanding your relationships, finances, generosity and goodwill themes.

The square to Uranus symbolizes surprise, freedom themes and temporary disruption.  The trine to Chiron is the pathway to wisdom and emotionally handling the changing dynamics.

Full Moon's are emotional and bring developments in your personal life.  Total Full Moon Eclipses magnifies this theme.  Take good care of self, be aware of your treatment of others, and commit to a "wait and see" approach and cosmic "exhale".



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