April 15th:  Mercury Direct (review a time of processing the past and internal concludes)

April 15th: Mercury Direct (review a time of processing the past and internal concludes)

Mercury retrogrades on the 22nd at 16 degrees Aries through April 15th when it stations direct at 4 degrees Aries.

Mercury is preparing for the first retrograde of the year and will be slowing on the 9th of March for his retrograde on the 22nd at 16 degrees of Aries until April 15th when he will station direct at 4 degrees of Aries.  Mercury retrograde is a time for rethinking your inspiration and proactive actions. 

The left brain needs rest and recuperation from the constant external stimulation and distraction.  The right side of the brain - intuition, higher consciousness and instinct requests more attention.  Mercury retrograde seeks a balancing between the masculine (electric energy) of output and the feminine (magnetic energy) of input. 

Mercury slows down the external pace so you can go back to situations, ideas and plans that you didn't have time to research, explore and expound upon before the retrograde. If your electronics or car have been limping along this will be a time to replace batteries, clean up that malware, or get your car into the shop.

In Aries this retrograde also suggests that your personal plans, goals and desires will benefit from taking a second look, following up with that person or resource, and taking the time to get clear on what plan of action will bring the most beneficial outcome.

ARIES:  You get some time out on external connections as your mind seeks personal expansion and clarity.  You enter a time for gathering more information on personal planning and personal opinions when Mercury retrogrades in your 1st house of subjectivity.  This is not a time for far reaching plans as patience is wisdom, you don't know what you don't know and you will be glad you gave yourself time for reflection and contemplation.

TAURUS:  Mercury retrograde in your 12th house invites you to slow the pace, invest in introspection, work from an inspired space of solitude, reignite your spiritual practice and move into the slow lane for a time.  Your mind needs rest and deeper insight.  Redirect any anxiety into the surrendering realms of prayer and gratitude.

GEMINI:  Mercury retrogrades in your 11th house of tribe, future timelines and wishes.  Teams, friends and group dynamics may need to double back and inspect the road just traveled.  Reconnecting with networks, friends and like minded others helps you to formulate future developments.

CANCER: Mercury's retrograde in your 10th house asks that you hold out on judging a supervisors plans or developments in regard to career, vocation and community involvement.  They will shape shift again after mid-April.  Give yourself time as you apply a deeper focus and awareness into what you say and how you say it in public forums.  Clarity in life direction gathers energy in the 2nd half of April.

LEO:  Mercury's retrograde in your 9th house revisits marketing, travel, adventures, educational pursuits, knowledge gathering and all things higher mind.  You may go back in to review potentials for travel, advanced degrees, websites, publishing and expanding your horizons - both literal and metaphorical.

VIRGO:  Mercury retrograde in your 8th house is a fine time for deepening psychological awareness - getting in touch with your deepest fears/desires, revisiting financial arrangements, debt reduction plans, resource allocation, and reopening discussions with your intimate partner.

LIBRA:  The Mercury retrograde in your 7th house is revisiting partnership plans, experts in their field, rethinking agreements, reviewing your communication skills with others, client connections, and contacts coming back into your life for learning and review.

SCORPIO: The Mercury retrograde in your 6th house seeks deeper focus in your daily living, perception into your habits and daily life structures, revisiting health professionals, pet situations, your work, routine and work mates.  Make extra time for daily activities as they may take just a bit longer to compete!

SAGITTARIUS: Mercury retrograde in your 5th may see you revisiting children/younger people and their development, bolstering your creative projects, plans of leisure and fun,  and romantic connections/communications.  This is not a time for new people and dating.  Former playmates may come back into view in order for you to glean deeper understanding into you romantic experiences. Flexibility is important now.

CAPRICORN: Mercury's retrograde in your 4th house asks for revisions with family members, housing, residential, parents or children's personal lives.  You have time now to communicate and think about your personal life, the conditioning of the past, visits from family members, and your inner world.  You may be handling things in and around the home that were put off due to lack of motivation or time.

AQUARIUS:  Mercury's retrograde in your 3rd house asks that you double check all communications, cell phones, laptops, car functions and travel plans.  Plan on donning your "flexibility" cap and adopting a philosophical outlook towards life's glitches and re-do's.  Get back in touch with siblings and relatives.  Review travel and education plans.  Firm up your communication equipment and skilled self-expression.

PISCES:  Mercury's retrograde in your 2nd house may see previous methods of making money or managing resources come back into style.  Put off big purchases until you get clear on your values and the value of what you seek to obtain.  Review the inflow and outflow of your resources.  The strength of your self-confidence is a focus.


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