March 31 - April 4th:  Mars conjunct Saturn

March 31 - April 4th: Mars conjunct Saturn


 April 2018 Astrology      Soul Note for Full Moon in Libra

Once every two years the fiery planet Mars conjuncts Saturn.  Exact on April 2nd at 8 degrees Capricorn the energy of desire, ambition, instinct, energy and assertiveness, Mars, conjuncts for the first time in over 29 years Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn.

In Capricorn Saturn is powerful.  When accompanied by love and wisdom this energetic has the power to create those structures and steps that lead to development and success.  Now, Mars personalizes the Saturn Capricorn transit making more tangible and clear the Soul path.  Victory over the lower self is part of this transit as is the base instincts of retaliation, force and a self-centered focus. 

Mars conjunct Saturn denotes an important time for working through fear themes, low ego energy, responsibilities with family or career, hard work, commitment themes, lowered physical energy, and perhaps some self-esteem issues.  This can be a tricky passage for feeling safe, valued, heard, understood and supported in your relationships.  Handling situations from a mature, grounded and responsibly aware energetic is the call of the Mars Saturn conjunction that is in effect from March 31 - April 4th.

Additionally, for those of you working with dimensional energy and co-creating principals the Mars Saturn conjunction is a time to ameliorate any situations and energy patterns that no longer serve your growth and healing.  No doubt, tension is the fuel for growth and evolution.  Seen in this light, you surrender the apathy and fear to your higher self/God/love and ask for new interpretations, approaches and perceptions. 

Mars is associated with the Solar Plexus the chakra above the belly button and the source of the astral-desire body of the personality.  Earning the "right" to lead may be a focus if the inner work has been done.  From the personality level the ability to dominate and move beyond limitations in the 3rd dimensional vibration is a focus.

Mars Saturn in the natal birth-chart indicates someone who is willing to work towards success and build sustainable structures.  Saturn also deals with the reality fabric and is the master of manifestation and conscious reality creation.

You may have to work through an issue or situation during this transit.  A health issue with teeth or bones may arise.  Mars Saturn can feel contracting and heavy.  Guard and tend to your health and energy and please treat yourself and others with tenderness and care ~





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