March 8 - July 10th: Jupiter Retrograde


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Jupiter is a symbol of health, sanity, inner integration and successful living.  In Scorpio, the invitation to transform is strong through November.  Wisdom is the domain of Jupiter and goes beyond left brain and mind function.  Mercury can overwork the details that have no meaning or organization and "can know everything but understand nothing."

Jupiter manifests on a far broader scale utilizing your perception, intuition and the gaining of knowledge.  Jupiter retrogrades in Scorpio at 23 degrees (opportunities) and invites you to delve deeply and explore what courage and determination feels like for you. Jupiter stations direct July 10th at 13 degrees (stability and foundation) Scorpio and holds this degree through much of July.  Jupiter transiting Scorpio in your chart seeks renewal and power. 

Power is different than force.  Force is external while power is an internal connection that supports you to dance with and befriend your fears, demons and shadow. Power is directing your energy and intention for the ultimate good of everyone involved.  Power is consciousness, heart based and compassionate.  Power is discernment while creating and holding healthy boundaries.

In Scorpio Jupiter enhances your hard work, business and financial dealings, resources and focus.  Connecting inner power with courage are the hallmarks of this transit.  Where in your life are you seeking a stronger sense of resolve and bravery?

You may also act as an agent assisting others in transformation and self-empowerment.  Strong healing ability is available allowing you to dig deep and unveil the inner depths of knowledge and wisdom.

Jupiter retrograde is a time to get in touch with your personal power, inner regenerative needs, personal responsibility, and manifestation ability.

SCORPIO:  Jupiter retrogrades in your 1st house of appearance, personal style, energy, expanding knowledge, having faith, intuition, and your ability to ameliorate conditions in your life.  Your intentions vibrate out into the world. 

TAURUS:  Jupiter retrogrades in your 7th house of others enhancing your understanding of how you contribute to your relationships and the energy you bring to the table.  Your knowledge deepens in your relating skills.  Consult with experts in their field.

SAGITTARIUS:  Jupiter retrogrades in your 12th house of dimensional energy.  Dreams, subconscious material, benefic angels, teachers and guides are all areas for discovery and growth.  Notice the synchronicity and magic in life.

GEMINI:  Jupiter retrogrades in your 6th house of helpers, employees, pets, health regimes, work environment and daily living.  Polishing and honing your products, services and environment is highlighted.  Those in your daily life support you.

CAPRICORN: Jupiter retrogrades in your 11th house of future prospects, friendships, networks and team dynamics.  Happy choices are smart choices.  Group and collective energy dynamics favor expansion and transformation.

CANCER:  Jupiter retrogrades in your 5th house of love, children, creativity and self-expression.  Deeper understanding of the heart and feeling nature brings wisdom and personal growth.  Playful attitudes and activities enhance your development.

AQUARIUS:  Jupiter retrogrades in your in your 10th house of the public, reputation, career, authority figures and life direction.  What does success mean to you?  What kind of energy do you want to bring into your world work?  Transforming your life and community role.

LEO: Jupiter retrogrades in your 4th house of soul renewal, home, family, residence and parents.  Expansion occurs at the root cellar of life bridging healthier relationships in your intimate circle and in making your home your castle.

PISCES:  Jupiter retrogrades in your 9th house of higher mind, knowledge seeking, travel, adventures, learning and teaching.  A time for planning and manifesting with your website, media relations, scholastic plans, legal matters and world view deepens.

VIRGO:  Jupiter retrogrades in your 3rd house of writing, teaching, self-expression, daily contacts and sibling relationships.  New patterns surrounding your speech, thought process and cognitive awareness deepens.

ARIES:  Jupiter retrogrades in your in 8th house of psychological healing, intimate partners, financial investments, savings accounts, and support mechanisms.  Stronger understanding unfolds in how to live a more whole and satisfying life.

LIBRA:  Jupiter retrogrades in your 2nd house of self-esteem, earnings, talents, abilities and putting your resources to good use.  New ways of using your latent abilities seeks integration, transformation and application.  Trust your value.

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