April 10 - August 11th:  Jupiter Retrograde

April 10 - August 11th: Jupiter Retrograde


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Jupiter is a symbol of health, sanity, inner integration and successful living.  In Sagittarius, the fusion of the lower and Higher Mind is a driving goal. Wisdom is the domain of Jupiter and goes beyond left brain and mind function.  Mercury can overwork the details that have no meaning or organization and "can know everything but understand nothing."

When the outer planets station retrograde (or direct) you experience developments in the house in which Jupiter transits.  Travel, contracts, sales activity, higher education, legal developments, publishing, writing, teaching, media and study are highlighted now.

Jupiter manifests on a far broader scale utilizing your perception, intuition and the gaining of knowledge.  Jupiter retrogrades in Sagittarius at 24 degrees (nurturing and harmonizing) and invites you to explore and apply the dynamics and insights that Jupiter has delivered while transiting Sagittarius. Jupiter then stations direct August 11th at 14 degrees (growth and change).

In Sagittarius, it's home sign,  Jupiter indicates the earning and solidifying of personal growth skills.  Where in life are you seeking a stronger sense purpose, inspiration, and self-mastery?  Do you need more adventure, exploration and meaning in life?

You may also act as a teacher, mentor and innovator helping others to expand their gratitude, optimism and skill sets. 

Jupiter retrograde is a time to get in touch with your power, need for change, personal growth, inspirational leanings, study, travel desires and higher mind.

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