March 9 - 27th:  Mercury transits Pisces

March 9 - 27th: Mercury transits Pisces

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March 9 – 27th: Mercury transits Pisces. Since January 3rd Mercury transited into Aquarius and then retrograded back into Capricorn and finally in direct motion transited back into the fixed air sign of Aquarius on February 14th.

Mercury reasons the impressions from the senses as they manifest before you. Psychic force is a manifestation of the soul and spirit whereas the mind is the manifestation of the physical world.

In Aquarius the collective attention has been on the intellect often tied to well-developed reasoning and impressions but may not be prone to new data and information. Aquarius is the fixed intellect focused on the human collective and finds it challenging to engage with others who hold opposing views. Progressive ideas and strong communication has been a pattern since the beginning of the year.

Now, Mercury ingress Pisces the mutable water sign of intuition. Here the mind is swimming in the feeling energies of impressions, sensitivity and expanded feelings. Emotions are the focus as is strong impressionability. While traveling with the Sun in Pisces the emotive nature is strong.

You may find it more difficult to place your attention on conflict energy or what you are naturally feeling as low vibration in people, places or situations. You may need a good cry, or two, or three to honor the emotive body after a long passage of intellectual focus.

Tend to yourself with music, beauty, art, nature, water, meditation and the contemplative. You need some peace now and perhaps more quiet. Psychic and intuitive impressions expand.


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