March Part 2 Full Moon Libra ~

March Part 2 Full Moon Libra ~


March Energyscopes / Exclusive Content


Hi, I’m Jean a Soul Coach and Intuitive who peers through the lens of Astrology to discuss human evolution.  We have the wind at our back from the beautiful New Moon that occurred on the 13th in Pisces – all of the planets are direct now and Mercury has crossed it’s retroshade and is now operating in full cognitive and rhythmic clarity.

And, now the energy of mind and focus transits into Pisces on the 15th where the attunement expands in the impressionable, intuitive, diplomatic and extremely sensitive mutable water sign of Pisces.  Your imagination is strong now as is your psychic insight.  This is a time to follow your instinct rather than reason and to create, love, listen to music and fill your life with beauty.  Beauty and whatever that means to you most definitely feeds your Soul. 

Mercury transits through Pisces until April 3rd and your feeling sense is strong, also your emotions…tears may be shed, sensitivity heightened and with it a state of Grace.  This IS a powerful time to create, support others, tend well and intuitively to your pets, your employees, and dependents.

Emotional/psychic health is also a focus.  Do you need to trim out of your habits and life lower density energies?  Now is the time to tend to your sensitivities and emotional well being. 

From the 15-19th first the Sun and then Venus are holding hands with the energy of empowerment, transformation and soul, Pluto.  Time to bridge your heart and love to your work and external life activities.  You will find positive energies flowing with superiors, relationship dynamics and abundance themes beautifully highlighted now.  Additionally your intuition may be right on target as to next steps in your career and vocational goals – go for it! 

Further, the energy of confidence and will is in flowing aspects from the 17th – the 21st as Mars sextiles Chiron from 8 degrees Gemini to Aries and then from the 19th to 20th is in trine to Saturn from 10 degrees Gemini to Aquarius.  Your insight, skill and wisdom can be aptly applied now to your life goals, friendships and future desires.  Here lives both kindness, skill and grounded intelligence.

On March 20th is the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.  Equinoxes are power portals for new growth and increasing light here in the Northern Hemisphere.  The light of consciousness, will, action-initiating energy and ambition is powerfully enhanced at the Spring Equinox when the Sun transits into Aries for the next 4 weeks.

Aries is a masculine fire sign – it is a Cardinal Sign which means new initiatives and chapters.  “Actively Inspired” is an appropriate term.  The Aries glyph is the RAM which plows stubble with its horns in order to expose new budding greens which can feed it’s family – thus the Ram represents a leader and one who blazes new trails – time to initiate something in your life!

Aries rules adrenaline, hats, fire, sharp objects and surgical operations.  Aries occupations are entrepreneurs, surgeons, athletes, military, politicians, policeman, and salesmen.  This is the sign of the Pioneer and Warrior.   On the 21st the archetype of love, beauty and interpersonal love, Venus jumps into Aries energy until April 14th

Your approach to love and relating is more impulsive and can tend towards the selfish if unchecked.  Spring brings warmer weather, more people out and about and the desire for companionship – things can start quickly and also end quickly.  Either way you appreciate direct and inspired action and energy now.

And from the 22 – 30th the orb of influence for the Sun conjunct Venus which is exact on the 26th at 6 degrees of Aries can suggest a positive time for new relationships, refreshing relating patterns and financial developments.  Be aware that Mercury is moving into a square to Mars and the North Node from 11 degrees Pisces to Gemini from the 25-27 – arousing your anger, ire, competitive spirit and speaking in haste – knowledge is power!

Simultaneously Mars is conjuncting the North Node suggesting action without conscious thought may lead to regrets.  Act in haste repent at leisure?

Another beautiful lunation concludes this month with the Full Moon in Libra on Sunday, March 28th.  Conclusions that arose from new relationships, projects or creative plans last October at the New Moon in Libra can rise to a climax now in your personal life and relationships.

Full Moons are an out rush of emotional energy and manifestation – they are subjective in nature and signify culminations in your emotional and personal life.  This Full Moon is beautifully supported by a Grand Air Trine (spirit) from 8 degrees of Libra, the Moon to Mars and North Node in Gemini and a trine to Saturn.  It also opposes the Sun, Venus and Chiron conjunction in Aries.

Sensitivity is needed to balance your personal desires/sensitivities while seeking harmony in your relationships.  The Full Moon is exact at 2:48 p.m. EASTERN US time so focus on release and manifesting conscious relating through your words (Gemini) and your friendships (Aquarius). 


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