Mars Retrograde October 30 - January 12th

Mars Retrograde October 30 - January 12th

All Service Fees have been reduced as we move through this time of change and development ~

"Mars represents the ego, a compilation of structures accumulated by and large of how we have been conditioned in our life, the should and should nots by those in a position of authority over us. Mars Retrograde presents an opportunity for you to review  these structures and beliefs."

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Wow. The anger piece was spot on for me. I came from a family background where I wasn’t allowed to express anger. I had four events across four days last week where I need to assert boundaries for self respect, because there was bad treatment coming from others that I was angry about, and I was SO volcanically angry about the treatment. I quickly realised it was anger at poor treatment across many years in my life where I felt powerless to assert myself and be heard/respected that was really coming up. The resentment, anger and depression was deep. Thank-you for speaking to this as a transformation opportunity.


This was a beautiful explanation of how to look at this retrograde differently and not be so afraid of it. I, as usual have been feeling this in place the past few weeks. You explaining in detail as you do, makes life a lot easier and I highly recommend others to explore your work.
I know that it has definitely changed my world, as I am becoming more aware through your educational Material that you so freely share. Bless you for being a huge light on our planet!

Melissa Chevrier

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