May 15th:  Uranus transits Taurus

May 15th: Uranus transits Taurus


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Chakra Meditation and Tutorial

 Sign by Sign TIMESTAMPS below ~

Intro:  the dynamics of this transit

Aries:  11:55  Taurus: 13:15  Gemini: 16:25  Cancer:18:54 

Leo: 20:40  Virgo: 23:00  Libra:  24:58  Scorpio: 28:07 

Sagittarius: 30:46  Capricorn: 34:15  Aquarius:  36:49  Pisces:  38:54



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Hi Jean I just watched your path to purpose project piece, it’s lovely as usual. Thanks so much for sharing this. X


Powerful and insightful as always. Thank you.


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