May 31 - June 3rd:  Venus trine Jupiter and Neptune

May 31 - June 3rd: Venus trine Jupiter and Neptune

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The Jupiter Neptune trine has been engaged since the third week in May and now the energy of emotional wisdom, heart awareness and relating swims in to personalize the Jupiter Neptune connection - enter Venus.

This is a Grand Trine in Water creating the geometric triangle of flow, balance and stability.  Water symbolizes your emotions, instincts and feeling nature.  This may be a "let your feet catch up to where the heart is leading" influence seeking to ameliorate pockets of dense harshness and anger.

With Chiron newly ensconced in the "I am" sign of Aries you see the wounded energy so clearly on display rising up to the surface barely able to contain or mask it's rawness, turpitude, and biforcating influence.  This in turn may make contact with those delicate vulnerable imprints and fears within.

Venus entrains you to tend to your values, capacity to love and to engage with the creative force of light.  There are higher frequencies and lower frequencies and you have the free will to choose your focus and to hold those healthy loving boundaries.

Life enhancing relating, creating and merging with the sensiate forces are strong now.  Good things, people and opportunities come to you when you are available and vibrating with those lighter frequencies.  Have a wonderful weekend ~



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You are very helpful. I thank you whole heartedly.

Marcy Maxwell

Thank you!


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