Mercury Retrograde December 2022

Mercury Retrograde December 2022


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I am so happy that you clearly stated that younger astrologers are basically afraid of the mercury retrogrades! I recently saw a practitioners outlook for my birth, sign and rising sign, that showed up on my timeline. Wow! after listening to him, it was quite scary!
Thankfully I follow your work and teaching so closely, so I just laughed a bit at their ignorance, and went on with my day :-)
I am happily using this time to manifest and to boost up my self-esteem, as at one point, it was severely wounded. I’m thankful to you for your work, and for continuously helping me understand how powerful our thoughts and mind can be!
I’ve learned from you that I can manifest and bring amazing experiences to my life, and it does truly work for me.
I look forward to working with this amazing energy, as I see myself evolving and look forward to the growth opportunities that are presenting to me.
Sincerely, Melissa Chevrier

Melissa Chevrier

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