Nov. 19 - December 9th:  Saturn conjunct Galactic Center

Nov. 19 - December 9th: Saturn conjunct Galactic Center

A rare (once every 29 years) cycle is underway as Saturn conjuncts the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius.  The Galactic Center sits at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, and is associated with expanded dimensional knowledge, insight and perception.  Every year the Sun crosses the Galactic Center from approximately Dec. 16 - 20 just before the winter solstice.

As Saturn transits this area you may experience some pretty interesting insights, urges, downloads and perceptions.  Your sense of reality (Saturn) may be shifting and expanding in unexpected ways.  Divine truths and downloads are in the ready if you are available to receive and apply.  Saturn seeks ground and foundation while the Galactic Center seeks to expand, inspire and provide a gateway to moving beyond the fearful, mundane and routine. 

Keep track of what comes in, harness the ideas, visions and insights knowing that you are ready for more truth and perceptual expansion.

"To appeal to the GC most clearly, take yourself out of the way. Ask for insight and information as if you’re asking for brilliance that you can apply to the common good. If one petitions the GC with personal information requests and seeking confirmation that one is groovy and galactically tuned in, silence most likely hangs in the air.

The galactic information that arrives is going to be... well, a bit out there. It could be that the technology is far-reaching, the doctrines downloaded do not match contemporary dogma, or society can’t quite catch the wave. Time is required for psyches to line up with the stretching insights." ~Philip Sedgwick

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