Oct. 17 - November 5th:  Mercury transits Scorpio

Oct. 17 - November 5th: Mercury transits Scorpio

The planet ruling mental function, communication and thought process, Mercury, enters the deep waters of Scorpio a fixed water sign.  Over the next three weeks your thoughts and communication style are more focused and penetrating.  You may find that you are more interested in digging down into subjects and conversations to root out truth and understanding.  This is a more reserved transit as you desire transformative dynamics and deeper meaning.

On the 18th Mercury conjuncts newly arrived Jupiter in Scorpio - a beneficial time for important discussions, financial planning, commercial exchange and intimate thoughts.  Positive developments and messages may arrive delivering a boost in attitude and optimism.

Fixity in opinions will prevail as people are less likely to be swayed through persuasion.  Mercury "feels" first and speaks later in Scorpio and can be a positive time for increased focus and determination.  Bravery and courage can be part of the thinking and communication climate.

You may be an agent for transformative energies helping others to make change through your words and communications. Whenever you have transits through Scorpio or the 8th house the energies of that planet are undergoing a period of change.

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