October 7 - 13th:  Venus and Mars square Saturn

October 7 - 13th: Venus and Mars square Saturn

Male and female aspects of self embraced on Thursday and as they slowly separate they now move through the square to Saturn.  Venus square Saturn from 22 degrees Virgo to Sagittarius from the 7-9th can be challenging for the personality.  Often a cool and contracted energy is felt yet it is a strong time for learning at the soul level.  You are being encouraged to deepen your maturity and personal responsibility within your relationships and emotional development.  This week will take you through a journey of awakening.  You may become aware of relationship patterns from the past imprints that are not supporting your higher growth, awareness and healing - very good!

From the 9-13th Venus then moves into opposition with Chiron highlighting awareness in any wounding patternings you have carried forward from earlier experiences.  Awareness is 60% of the healing process where you are then able to make different choices - excellent!

The mind governs the body so this carries potential for lowered energy and fatigue slowing down your relationship to linear time - be gentle with self and others. ~

Mars follows the feminine magnetic lead of Venus as instinct, desire and action are taken through the same process.  Mars square Saturn Oct. 9-13th.  Desires may be blocked during this time birthing the need for patience, wisdom, and intensified "focus" on why you want/desire a specific outcome.  How you go about "getting what you want" may be a focus - is it good for all?  Have you learned from an earlier time that humiliating/threatening/coercing is an approach that arises when feeling fearful?  Underneath anger resides fear of lack.

Mars then moves into opposition with Chiron Oct. 13-16th holding the opportunity to become more conscious of choices - wounding, hurtful; or healing, helpful, wise, compassionate and conscious? 

Self criticism may be a tendency that some fall into but I would like to suggest/implore that this is the Earth School realm where you learn, grow, develop, heal (or not) and have the greatest potential to evolve through your experiences - it's what we do here :).

On the external levels this week can donate a time of heavy handed behavior, power struggles, anger, rage, unethical rationalizations, impatience, the need for patience, hard work, focus, determination, and tending to yourself and others with a gentle hand. 

Gentle times ~ Cover Photo by Beth Robson ~

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