Saturday, November 4th:  Super Full Moon in Taurus

Saturday, November 4th: Super Full Moon in Taurus

The Full Moon in Taurus occurs at 1:23 a.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, November 4th.  It is called a Super Full Moon due to it's proximity to Earth (perigree) and results in higher tides and some suggest a stronger emotional out thrust of energy.  This is the 3rd this year and the Full Moon in December will also be classified as a Super Full Moon.

The Full Moon is highlighting the theme of personal resources versus external resources.  Money, finances, self-esteem and your value system is highlighted.  If you want to really get to know someone learn about their values - where they spend their time, attention and money.  The lunation makes a tight sextile to Neptune highlighting the intuitive, mystical, artistic and creative.  You may feel a stronger sense of connection and understanding with the world around you.  The trine to Pluto speaks to soul depth, emotional support, strength and well being. 

Taurus is the creator of form (manifestation energy) that is born out of one's desires and continued intentions.  Value systems, themes of gratitude, forgiveness and the conscious releasing of crisis addiction may flow clearly into your awareness.  Setting and holding healthy boundaries is encouraged - boundaries that develop through tending to self - "I am available for _____" and "I am not available for ____."  Often, many are taught to over-give, sometimes to the point of exhaustion and emotional depletion.

Freedom themes may also be playing out in your life as Venus opposes Uranus (25 degrees Libra to Aries) during the Full Moon.  Unpredictable developments may unfold in the areas of money, resources or relating dynamics - remaining flexible through the weekend will be helpful.  Yet, this transit may also be given expression through exciting social activities, opportunities to try something different, and heading down a more progressive and less traveled path.

Meanwhile, we are finishing up the final Saturn Chiron square transit through November 10th highlighting past wounds, dysfunctional authority themes and the early family dynamics.  Health care may be in focus during this time.  Saturn concurrently heads into a trine with Uranus through the 3rd week of November.  You may find there is a sense of adventure and increased freedom within established structures and responsibilities.  You may bring containment and organization to what was formerly a chaotic influence in your life.

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