Saturn squares and the Full Moon in Gemini

Saturn squares and the Full Moon in Gemini

Shamanic Full Moon Sound Ceremony

On the 23rd the Sun squares Saturn, coinciding with Thanksgiving Day in the United States. This alignment sets the stage for you to explore the nuances of patience, communication, and the opportunity to confront your fears.

Mars, a dynamic force in his own right, follows suit, picking up where the Sun left off and engaging in a square with Saturn on Saturday the 25th. The energy emanating from this alignment encourages you to tread carefully and thoughtfully, fostering personal insight amidst differing beliefs and communication patterns.

There is an invitation to face and move through your fears rather than suppress them. Much like shadows, suppressed fears tend to operate covertly. However, when you hold space to engage, you open yourself to a transformative process. As the Moon reaches its fullness in Gemini on the 27th, it squares Saturn, acting as a catalyst for resolution and awareness.

This Full Moon sheds light on what has been holding you back, anchoring you down, or limiting your growth. The square with Saturn serves as a mirror, reflecting the challenges and fears you’ve been grappled with, urging you to transcend them.

The Full Moon's sextile with the North Node in Aries adds destiny to the narrative. Aries, symbolizing personal evolution and forward momentum, amplifies the growth potential of this lunation.

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