Saturn transits US 3rd house and Solar Wind ~

Saturn transits US 3rd house and Solar Wind ~

We are moving through a deconstruction phase that is naturally, hard on the psyche to watch – let’s compassionately acknowledge this passage.  Knowing that, you remember to work with your vibrational health and balance.  You may find the webinar “Change the Narrative” helpful as a balancing and teaching agent of ascension techniques.  We are in a time of skill building and learning to create from the inside out rather than the outside in.

Despite the chaos you see on planet know that it is leading to a shift and what you do to awaken yourself helps to quicken and aid both conscious Gaia energy and the birthing of enlightenment now and into the future.

The United States has just moved through it’s once every 29 year Saturn Moon conjunction in the 3rd house of country’s chart.  I remember sitting down to channel back in January and the guides shared that it is a contracted period when people are focused internally and in a processing passage.  More awareness is creeping in to many more people’s awareness about the intensity of this Earth change affecting systems, institutions, and governments.

The Moon in astrology represents the emotional nature, the public mood, and the collective unconscious of a nation. The 3rd house represents communication, transportation, and learning, among other things. Saturn, on the other hand, represents structure, limitations, and restrictions. When Saturn is conjunct the Moon in the 3rd house, there is a sense of emotional restriction.  An increase in train derailments and school shootings are also expressions of this 3rd house transit.

Saturn conjunct the Moon (now a separating aspect) can help the nation focus on practical matters and develop a more serious and responsible approach to communication and education. Over the next two years Saturn's transit through the US 3rd house can have a significant impact on communication, education, transportation, and local community relationships. Here are some of the qualities associated with this transit:

  1. Increased focus on education and learning: During Saturn's transit through the 3rd house, there can be a greater emphasis on education and intellectual pursuits. This can be a good time to take classes or workshops, read books, or engage in any other activities that promote learning and personal growth. Growing and new forms of educational platforms will strengthen into the two years ahead – home schooling, community based education and even yet unforeseen structures
  2. Delays and obstacles in communication: Saturn can bring delays and obstacles in communication, which can make it difficult to express oneself clearly and effectively. This can be frustrating, but it can also be an opportunity to work on improving communication skills and developing more patience and perseverance. An increase in the desire to control collective speech through censorship campaigns, internet outages and other connectivity disruptions may occur.
  3. Increased responsibility in local community relationships: Saturn's transit through the 3rd house can bring an increased sense of responsibility and duty when it comes to local community relationships and is a good time to get involved in local networks, community organizations or volunteer work.
  4. Challenges with transportation and travel: Saturn can bring challenges with transportation and travel, which can result in delays, cancellations, or other issues. It's important to be prepared for these challenges and to have a backup plan in place.
  5. Opportunities for discipline and self-mastery: Saturn is associated with discipline, self-mastery, and hard work. During its transit through the 3rd house, there can be opportunities to develop these qualities through studying, practicing, and mastering new skills.

Overall, Saturn's transit through the US 3rd house can be a time of increased focus on education and learning, as well as challenges and obstacles in communication, transportation, and local community relationships. It can also be a time of discipline and self-mastery, as well as opportunities for personal growth and development.

Additionally, we’ve been receiving very strong solar wind as auroras during last week's extreme geomagnetic storm were even more widespread than previously thought.  Solar wind is composed of plasma, and the interaction between the solar wind and the Earth's magnetic field creates a region around the Earth called the magnetosphere. However, when the solar wind is particularly intense, it can cause disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field and can lead to geomagnetic storms, which can have adverse effects on satellite communications, power grids, and other technological systems.

The human effects are solar code upgrades, increased heart rate, anxiousness, sleeplessness, and increased frequency running through the body.  Learning to ground and work “with” this energy is imperative for your DNA upgrades, internal balance and coherence.  ~

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