Soul Note:  Directing Energy

Soul Note: Directing Energy

Pyramids were healing amplifiers of energy and consciousness
Photo by Berta Campbell

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The Patriarchy developed out of fear and trauma.  It was necessary to bring order to chaos as there were events that occurred through the misuse of power in other dimensional realms that affected this planet, the star system, the weather, the Radon and the energy pouring in.  It brought about chaos in the weather systems and the pulses.  That is where Patriarchy was born.

What Patriarchy learned millennia ago was you had to continue to have those traumas in order to keep people in line through the baseline of fear. 

What does the human soul that is participating in this reality do about that?  Withdraw participation in the fear model.  Another avenue is to create subsets that are circular inclusive paths of sharing through consent, consensus and active participation.

What the world is seeing now is the result of a lack of participation and some dyadic symbiotic effects of trauma - reaction, trauma, reaction.  One must withdraw from the trauma and reactive landscape to redirect one's energy into the creative - the creating of new paradigms is now a necessity.  One moves into groups that are envisioning wise participation and leadership that arises through true consensus of the most knowledgeable and caring.  This is the exact opposite of of what the world is seeing now.

There is help you are receiving from other dimensions that many are not aware of that are helping to direct energy in different ways.  Part of this density is the awakening of the sleeping and unconscious minds.  As this grows strongly into contrast over the next six to seven years it will bring up the necessary chaos that results as structures and forms are in a state of decay and dissolution.

What the individual can do is work with their heart to both envision fairness and wisdom, love and knowledge, and participate in the reconstruction process by defining what leadership needs to look like.  Please know this is not a moment in time but moments in dimensional times.

You call it grass roots activism; we call it taking back one's power that has been asleep and dormant for centuries.

Many here on Earth at this time are meant to be that awakening principle of painting that picture of different possibilities and what real leadership can look like.

 I am sharing information from a team of beings called the Ignations and Sojo, a Buddhist priest.  They accompany me in my work with clients and have been a continuing source of information and tutelage for the past few years. 

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I SO LOVE all your insights, you synthesize such high level stuff into practical pathways… this Virgo is a big fan hehe… can’t wait to get a JW reading!


Thank you
Blessings be

Bari Levin

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