Sun ingress Aquarius January 19th ~

Sun ingress Aquarius January 19th ~

The Sun enters Aquarius today at 3:40 p.m. EST and conjuncts the Great Conjunction degree at 0 degrees. Jupiter conjunct Saturn is the desire and willingness to commit to your journey of growth, perhaps hard work, gaining knowledge/education and those activities/people that authentically align with you.

The Sun, the powerful life giving energy for planet Earth is about becoming "conscious" as opposed to "unconscious" and living life through prescriptive patterns and subconscious habits. Each individual contributes to the group, society and the collective (Aquarius).

Be available for awareness and information today regarding your own desires, interests, and values. What would you enjoy "building" vibrationally in your life?

Mars conjuncts the Aquarian ruler Uranus in the sign of grounded value systems, Taurus (exact tomorrow) highlighting your will, ego and desires. Lean into the Sun energy for wisdom and light, and bring intelligence to your personal drives (Mars). Otherwise? You're just impatient and restless without understanding why 🙂

The conscious Aquarian seeks personal wisdom as a life path and then once integrated shares their knowledge with others. Many have lots and lots of "information" that may not yet have transformed into wisdom ~
Wisdom is walking the path not just talking the path. Knowledge without integrating the heart and spirit, or Sun energy, can feel dry, stubborn and devoid of compassion and empathy ~ Blessings to You ~


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Love the most recent video on fears etc…
The part about bringing self love into old emotional habits, emotional discipline. This is so spot on to the day. I found myself replaying old behaviour from old patterning that I disbanded from last summer. Wow….it only took a few days to catch myself this time ( minus a few before Xmas). And it goes like so: instead of validating my initial feelings of injustice or disrespect (because apparently I don’t really matter, my work doesn’t really matter, I’m just a this or that ( lower in the totem pole of hierarchy) then My voice is immediately discredited. So I fall into a slump and collapse, regress into depression and flashbacks from childhood when really, I’m seething at the fact that I even have to be “professional “ in the little boys club I’m stuck in.
Shovenism is still an issue. Glad to be getting out of there soon but it’s really the core family dysfunction feeling that came back again. Really tough to get a grip on it. No wonder I was ready to retire 15 years early.


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