Sunday, October 13th ~ Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon 20 degrees Aries on Sunday at 5:08 p.m. EDT
square Pluto, trine Jupiter and conjunct Eris

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The Full Moon cycle is a time every month when you are engaged emotionally in circumstances that are culminating  highlighting the need for awareness and finding balance. 

The Aries glyph above symbolizes ram's horns, sometimes known as the fountain of Life.  The Ram plows stubble with its horns in order to expose new budding greens which can feed its family.  Thus, the ram represents a leader and one who blazes new trails.

This Full Moon ties in strongly with the Eris theme of discord and how you may need to release yourself from societal/family norms and expectations.  The square to Pluto suggests that some may claim their power ruthlessly.  Conflicts may be hard to avoid now.  The Moon also trines fellow fire sign, Jupiter in Sagittarius, connecting you to a stable energy flow emphasizing your light and ideals.  Be aware of "peace at any price,"  or victimization themes as over-giving may not serve you well in the long run.

This Full Moon empties out or seeks deliverance through the sign that rules the Moon - Cancer, suggesting that solutions can find resolution through emotional authenticity, saying what is true rather than socially acceptable, and establishing firm personal foundations.


  • I was born on 20 4 1966 at 2.30pm and I am an Aries. But my north node is in Taurus so I am evolving into a Taurus

    Heather Meek
  • Hi jeanwiley I love your readings and what ever you put up one thing I want to ask you is my date of birth is 20/4/1956 and I was born around 7.30am Which sign do I belong to kindly let me know if possible am I Aries or Taurus.Thank you.

    Ann Gonsalvez

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