Taurus and Uranus

Taurus and Uranus


Venus leads the transition from fire (Aries) to earth (Taurus) as she now transits the comfort loving sign of Taurus through May 8th. The Sun and Mercury hold hands as they transit into Taurus on the 19th. Taurus energy aligns with predictable patterns, reliability, determination, and the material side of life. Good food, yummy fabrics/textures, Gaia, money, resources, gold, singing, speaking, the Throat Chakra and managing your personal resources are all a focus now. Shifts, changes, breakthroughs and surprises occur as each planet meets up with the awakening energy of Uranus: Venus on the 19th, Mercury on the 23rd and the Sun on the 30th. Photo by Vicky Lake


Every month I go in to detail on each sign's monthly themes and insights regarding conscious choices while living on this very dynamic planet. In the consciousness video I discuss patterns for healing, connecting with higher self/guides and life skills in the human journey. If you choose the premium patron level we meet every month on livestream to discuss current influences, answer questions and share my guide's audience specific messages for the group. Join @ https://www.patreon.com/jeanwiley

May Videoscopes for each sign is published on the 20th of each month - Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde





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