The Currency of Fear

The Currency of Fear

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When your consciousness is awakening and healing you come to understand that the global currency is fear.  Fear is projected onto the Ego in the form of lack and the "I'm not enough programming."

This fear currency is not about conscious play or inspiration but the drive to consume.  Children know how to be in contact with their higher self and heart until the programming domestication begins by 5 years of age.

For anyone who has been marginalized, ridiculed or judged it helps to remember that many in power over you do not know what they are doing; they are operating from their own programming, woundedness and unresolved healing.

Terrorism is a metaphor, an abstract noun and a slogan.

The Uranus transit of Aries has seen the rise of competitive reality television shows.  This arose out of a writers strike and the networks need for cheap and quick programming.  The competition paradigm and programming deepened in the collective where conflict is normalized and the more than, less than, motif embedded in the consumers psyche.

By the time your 35 years old you're operating within those patterns of shame, disappointment, and judging self and others.  It's familiar and people fall into familiar patterns.

We model our caregivers.  If your Dad hated people of color chances are you will too.  As you look at the emotions that are anchored in the past you get to decide if those emotions belong in your future.

When Chiron transits Aries in April the cycle of healing the identity and hence the collective deepens.  Hopefully, the collective will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the violent and fearful programming that has fed, monetized and manifested the current global energetics.

Belief is just a thought you keep thinking over and over until it becomes hardwired in the brain.  String your beliefs together and that creates perception - choices you make, things you create in life, behaviors and the relationships you have.

We are all programmed, rapidly through media.

But, the more whole you feel the less you want.  Inner joy and inner peace are not dependent upon externals but rather an internal sense, feeling and awareness.

Feeling whole and peaceful is when things happen and manifest.  The longer you can linger in the unknown and invest energy in the creative act of imagination the more you create opportunities in your life.

Vibrational energy attracts it's matching vibrational energy - you raise vibration through self-love, forgiveness of self and others, unplugging from the fear paradigm, prayer, meditation, day dreaming your future and giving yourself permission to feel good. ~

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Correction: As ever, so in depth an analysis, Jean!

Lee S Kennedy

As ever, soon depth in analysis of this coming transit.

Lee S Kennedy

Wow. You are really hitting your stride now! Thanks for presenting such deep and meaningful words. This is priceless and I am going to save it to reread whenever I need reminding.

Carolyn Hancock

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