The Nine Dimensions ~ Energy and Vibration

The Nine Dimensions ~ Energy and Vibration

The Nine Dimensions

Energy Dimensions speaks to levels of density or vibration that are available for us to connect to and work with.   When you become aware/conscious of energy you are then in a beautiful position to work with it on an increasingly conscious level.

1st Dimension - Mineral kingdom, center of the Earth, crystal energy

2nd Dimension - Plant kingdom, accessing Mother Earth through conscious interaction with plants.  Elemental realm. Climate, Chemtrails, fracking.  We are affected most minute by minute by the 2nd & 4th dimensions. Filled with essences that are denser than we are.  Interior of the body.  Healing the body through tuning into the 2nd Dimension.  When you are in touch with the 2nd your need for doctors and the manifestation of disease diminishes.  You can heal yourself of anything (Moon, Ceres)

3rd Dimension - Your physical reality (Saturn content) often inherited from one's family and early teachings.  The Parent Teacher Priest imprints.  Your "Tribal Inheritance"  Often based in fear, "should's," have to's.  Everything is conditioned.  Very rigid.  Good/Bad and Right/Wrong.  The external world.  The glue of "I'm not ok."  Where alcohol and drug addictions (Neptune/Bacchus) manifest to numb the rigidity and fear. Might makes right - ego centered (Mars/Uranus)

4th Dimension - Spiritual Awakening. Present time.  The "Now."  Paradoxes, choices (Archetypes, Angels, Guides, Demons).  Being aware of the "control" game geopolitical through media (fear and conflict based television/films), competitive reality tv - winner/loser programming, the pr campaign with war, weapons and again, fear.  You begin to figure out the game in this dimension.  What you think about is what happens to you.  We create the 4th Dimension through consistent thoughts.  Start to notice synchronicity. Where polarity and duality lives.  Clearing the duality of light and dark.  The need for healing, responsible for your emotional blocks and issues.  Energy chessboard.  The process of waking to vibrational truths while dealing and clearing the density of the past. (Uranus/Pluto/Chiron/Nessus/Pisces)

5th Dimension - Heart opening.  Balancing the mind and emotions.  (Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus/Uranus / 5th and 9th house)  When heart opens whatever isn't processed mentally/emotionally starts to come forth - Arab Spring/Revolutions - liberation themes combined with wounds.  Become more masterful in your manifesting ability (Law of Attraction/Purpose/Intention).  Unconditional love, respect, gratitude (prayers), pleased "I am pleased with myself,"  peaceful, happy, gracious, where old conditions filter up but you no longer invest nor give attention.  Where magical things happen in your life.  Spirits/voices/symbols.  Appreciation for beauty deepens.

6th Dimension - Star system, Sirius, Egyptology, quantum mechanics - hieroglyphics, ceremonial activity, consciousness patterns and awareness raising, crop circles, higher vibratory sense of larger worlds and energy cycles. (9th house / Jupiter)

7th Dimension - Galactic energy / the Milky Way / understanding the vibratory dimensions - entry into higher dimensional awareness, channeling (Neptune / 8th house/12th house)

8th Dimension - Cosmic order / sacred geometry / light creating sound.  Profound ethical voice when dealing with moral dilemma - where higher answer are sought and found.

9th Dimension - Center of Milky Way Galaxy (Galactic Center / spiritual home/truths) Mayan Calendar / Akashic Records

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Thank you Jean. The breakdown was really helpful.


Standing in the colosseum alone with much suppression while acquiring countless hours gained enormous silent friendship and admirers .sending lots of mapa love to all of you beings there.?


Thank you Jean, have never seen the dimensions broken down in description. This was helpful!


Thanks again Jean for your generosity in sharing your deeply meaningfull knowledge and the positive way you communicate it.


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