Uranus stations Direct January 27th ~

Uranus stations Direct January 27th ~

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ALL OF THE PLANETS ARE IN DIRECT MOTION through April 2nd.  Developments, movement and results occur.  When it feels like time speeds up it takes conscious effort to ground, slow down and focus

Uranus stations direct at 24 degrees in the Aries Sidereal Chart on January 27th ~

The planet of awakening and progressive themes stations direct in the pioneering sign of Aries.  Uranus entered the constellation sign of Aries on April 2017 and will transit through March 2025.  The North Node is also transiting this very same sign amplifying the personal growth trajectory of individuation and sorting oneself out from the soup (South Node in Libra).  When you go along to get along you may not be working through that evolutionary lens.  Questions to explore:

Am I being true to my nature?

Is my life reflecting my authentic needs, desires and soul urges?

Am I listening to my intuitive hunches?

Am I able to slow down, concentrate and ground this energy?

Aries energy can be aggressive or assertive, fiery, explosive, driven, selfish, creative, enthusiastic, impatient, and competitive. Uranus is the big surprise factor in life, independent, rebellious, inventive, unstable, shocking, electrified, turned upside down, and explosive. 

The constellation energy or what I call the chart of the Heavens is the internal manifesting mechanism that then displays in the 3rd dimensional expression or "result."

You’re most interested in making changes, innovating, and updating traditions related to independence, personal freedom, new horizons, self-motivation, assertion, initiative, and personal responsibility. In or through these areas, you seek more freedom, and you don’t feel the need to conform.


Uranus stations direct in the Tropical Chart at 19 degrees of Taurus on January 27th.

Uranus is the awakening principle while Taurus seeks stability and predictability.  Uranus entered Taurus on May 2018 and will revolutionize this expression through April 2026. Taurus represents the earth and its resources including precious metals. 

Necessary changes in your value systems and how you go about obtaining a sense of security is undergoing revisions - it will be important to obtain nutritional food, to be aware of where you live (coast lines, fault lines and areas conducive to fire).

Financial systems and technology will be an area of growth in order to penetrate beneath the superficial and understand the true problematic situations underlying the changes.

A cycle of growth in media, education and online resources will proliferate.  Creativity married with innovative technology will rapidly increase.

Continued efforts to monetize, censor and control the internet will be a theme.  Finding and working with like-minded others who share your values and vision for the future strengthen.  Revolution themes grow regarding money, taxes and salaries.  The rise of cottage industries in the home will increase.


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