Your Purchased Year Ahead Videos

Hacked and Hijacked YouTube Channel January 1st

New YouTube Channel

We are estimating my 2020 Year Ahead Video content to be restored by the end of January/1st week of February.  When that happens those who have purchased the Year Ahead will receive another email with your  "purchase receipt" and a NEW Video URL that you can then access and watch.  You are not being charged again.  Thank you for your patience ~


  • Well, I just watched the first quartal of my year ahead video – I see it now as a message from the universe to just trust what lies ahead. Very annoying for you though, hopefully this doesn’t affect your business too much.

  • Oh Jean! I’m so sorry this happened to you. Hey, a small upside might be that longtime fans like me will finally overcome inertia and join you on Patreon. I just joined. Be well. This too shall pass!

    Jen G
  • Thanks Jean, won’t abandon you at all. So sorry this has happened…maybe better things to come….in the mean time, not fun going through it. Transfiguration for the New Year !! Hope it is resolved soon.

    Melanie Barker
  • I am sorry you are going through this. I had to unsubscribe to it because I was getting notifications when they would post. I noticed all your content from the past was gone. I don’t know what were trying to accomplish, but I am glad you are persisting.

  • I wondered why your YouTube channel was streaming Sean Hannity and Fox news last night!


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