4 Monthly Integrative Coaching Sessions - Jean Wiley

4 Monthly Integrative Coaching Sessions

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"Jean is intuitively very gifted, but she is also brilliant, warm and grounded - an ideal combination for a transformation coach. This is why I have returned to her these past five years, I love getting Jean's input and intuition on matters life and soul, but also business, as this was her background. I see Jean as a Master of Manifestation, highly psychic and the recordings she gives you still have value years later as you grow into the information she gives you. Thanks Jean - You Rock!"  ~Lee Harris (Intuitive Guide, Popular YouTube Vlogger and CEO of Lee Harris Energy)

ALL SESSIONS RECORDED on mp3 for your future reference ~

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I schedule for EASTERN Daylight Time in the US ~ please convert the time if you live in a different time zone ~

We meet once a month for 4 months for one hour per session. We discuss current transit cycle, natal birthchart, purpose, soul journey and getting on track. I will discuss natural talents, soul purpose and current energy patterns.

This is an organic and intuitive engagement that is unique for each client as your guides step forward and I work with my clairvoyance skills.  Often our collaboration delves into intuitive skill building, shifting past imprints and fears, and getting clear on passions and life purpose.  We often engage with your inherent intuitive abilities focusing on developing foundation and sustainable form.

Business planning, launches, timing for development and implementation are discussed as we honor your energy cycles.

All sessions are recorded and sent to you for your personal use and future reference. 

Coaching Sessions may include:
  • Business and Career Growth
  • Converting avocation (interests, passions and desires) into vocation
  • Developing Intuitive Skills
  • Relationship Charts
  • Deepening your personal energy skills to live a more consciously awakened life.
  • Personal calendar dates of interest to you
  • Manifestation Skills
  • Relationship Awareness
  • Healing and Energy Maintenance 
  • Past Life Influences
  • Working with your Guides

** 24 hour advanced notice is required to reschedule a session otherwise a $45.00 rescheduling fee will be applied **

"In the short time we have worked together you have proven to be a respectful, open, honest, direct and extremely helpful business guide and mentor. Your talents, knowledge and care for clients are un-matched by anyone in your field. It’s truly a pleasure working with you!" ~ Robert, CEO