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Jean Wiley

Final Seating - Ancestral Healing; Connecting with Your Ancestors

Final Seating - Ancestral Healing; Connecting with Your Ancestors

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Saturday, April 20th 2-4 pm EASTERN Daylight Time

Step into the realm of ancestral wisdom and guidance with "Calling in the Ancestors," a deeply enriching session crafted to connect you with the profound insights of your forebears.

Through the conduit of spiritual mediumship, I invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, where the voices of your ancestors resonate with clarity, bringing forth messages tailored to your needs.

This heartfelt experience is designed to illuminate, affirm, and liberate, offering you the wisdom and support necessary for your journey ahead.

Join me in this sacred space as we embrace the teachings of the past to empower our present and shape our future. Let the wisdom of your ancestors guide you in this transformative and soul-nourishing encounter.

You will learn:

That your sense of self is more expansive than you can imagine

You have Ancestral Wisdom Keepers ready to step in and support you

About the Love, Encouragement and Kindness available to you from their expanded perspective

Nuts and Bolts:

Your Zoom Invitation link will be sent to you on Thursday, April 18th

Your forever Replay Link will be sent to you by Monday, April 22nd

If you are unable to attend the webinar the replay link will be sent to all who registered


Overview and session order.

Video and mic open to ask questions during and after.

Feedback from former Ancestral Session:

"Thank you so much for this Jean! I have listened a number of times as it has truly been helpful in healing many emotions. My husband knew just what to say to me through you so I could move forward. I’ve been working through so many things since his passing." Sheila ~

"I also would like to thank you once again for the message you have delivered to me as the guidance I was seeking was related to my health. You, or may I say, my spirit guide nailed it. I believe it was my grandmother from my mom’s side. Thank you!" Karina ~

"Jean actually began my reading channeling how I pronounce my name with my accent. We had never spoken before. She tuned into some childhood issues and shared insight on my trajectory this lifetime. I got to ask a personal question. Plus I got information on the planets in my chart. The other folks' readings also seemed to shed light on my own life path. It was fun and I am.glad I stumbled upon the offer." ~Mark

Experienced Soul/Life Coach, and Intuitive Channel ~

Jean is a seasoned server with over 20 years in Human Development assisting thousands of individuals on their personal, spiritual, and professional journeys.

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