5/25-6/35 Jupiter transit Gemini ~

5/25-6/35 Jupiter transit Gemini ~

May 25th: Jupiter, the planet of the higher mind, transits the sign of Gemini, the lower mind 5/24-6/25. Jupiter is the archetype of the sky and, therefore, represents higher reasoning abilities tied to expanding one’s perception and consciousness through curiosity, travel, and all forms of communication. In other words, we seek to “learn” more. Jupiter last transited Gemini in 2012. When Jupiter transits Gemini, we become more flexible, adaptable, and curious to learn and understand more.

Mental health and wellness practices will proliferate. This will be a talkative and mobility-driven year.

Local neighborhoods, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors, and lower school systems are a focus. Avoiding the pitfalls of overexertion, distraction, and a lack of practical planning are areas to be aware of.

You can register for the Jupiter Webinar on June 2nd @ https://www.jeanwiley.com/.../personal-growth-jupiter-in...

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