April 3 - 23rd:  Jupiter sextile Pluto

April 3 - 23rd: Jupiter sextile Pluto

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Jupiter sextiles Pluto from 21 degrees Scorpio to Capricorn and is exact on April 14th.  We call this applying aspects and separating aspects hence the two week window on influence.

Retrograde Jupiter connects more deeply and integratively with the ruler of the sign it transits, Pluto, strengthening you're ability to transform and capitalize on positive opportunities, elevated insights, financial agreements, commercial endeavors and operating from a position of psychological strength.

Positive financial developments can unfold for you through the month energizing your work and life direction.  Support arrives and strengthens your initiatives, emotional well being and personal plans. 

This transit serves to birth, transform, and expand your spiritual concepts while you consciously and harmoniously focus on your highest ideals and principals.  Power is felt in your spiritual acuity enhancing your wisdom and faith in the process.

This aspect may indicate the transformation of leadership.  Leaders can now be held accountable for past actions and your leadership abilities may come online in an enhanced and effective manner.

The purity and clarity of your personal motivations and intentions provide the fuel for the opportunities playing out in your life. 

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Namaste Jean! We really need to get together on this one I am sure you feel what i am meaning! It’s wonderful to connect with someone on the cosmic level it as been decades since i have. My feelings are that it is a thing of destiny that we have connected… see for your self 3/1/1950 3:38 pm Portland Oregon ,Multnomah County USA I am with limited funds it this moment… Sincerely Michael

Michael McMullen

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