May 11 - September 29th:  Saturn Retrograde

May 11 - September 29th: Saturn Retrograde


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Saturn operates well in Capricorn and when elevated enhances your ability to consolidate and re-structure.  He retrogrades at 1 degrees Aquarius and re-enters Capricorn on July 1st and once he stations direct on September 29th at 25 degrees Capricorn signals the ability to harmonize, balance, temper and strengthen your relationship to the world and people around you. Saturn transiting the Houses

Saturn represents the past, family imprints, conditioning, authority, ruling structures, governments, building spiritual mountains (when accompanied by love and wisdom), astute mental ability, dynamic energy, being a law unto oneself and abusing power.

No new lessons, but rather, a time to integrate and deepen awareness regarding your decisions, commitments, personal development, career goals, life direction, enforced growth, maturity and responsibilities when Saturn is in retrograde. 

Pluto is retrograde and has transited Capricorn since 2008 when the housing market crash occurred.  Pluto transforms finances, institutions, the psyche, power, secret societies, hidden governance, volcanoes, earthquakes, and secret power through 2023.  Pluto is subterranean and subconscious representing one's deepest fears, deepest desires, and the instinctual.

The power of corporation control behind political facade will continue to grow stronger.  As the political system of democracy erodes, corporate rule continues to strengthen.

When people act out unconsciously and do not understand their own psyche, complexes and instincts it lends towards a damaging and infantile approach to power dynamics.  You enter a cycle of growing awareness, anger, healing potential and reorientation to what is the real external power in the world versus the challenge to develop more independence, mental discernment, and self-sufficiency.

From my perspective we are all ultimately responsible for ourselves, our reality formation, our use of energy and our healing.   Much Love to You ~



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Fantastic you really help us understand.

Dawn Rosecrants

O passado afetivo sempre se faz presenté tornando sentimentos sofriveis…


Thankyou so much I am depositing my past where it belongs and moving on Namaste

Tanya Muttitt

Wonderful videos. I can’t wait to see the next one. I don’t really understand why they touch my heart like they do. Could you please tell me why? Thanks so much 💖

Cheryl L Gravdal

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