AUGUST Part 2 ~ Sidereal/Soul Chart and New Moon

AUGUST Part 2 ~ Sidereal/Soul Chart and New Moon

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Hello everybody, welcome to your August Part Two sidereal videoscope.  On the 16th of this month the Sun in the sidereal or the spatial chart the dimensional chart, the sun is now heading into Leo for the next four weeks. And the sun is the illuminating principle. The sun is the integrative principle. The sun is in its home sign of Leo bringing a strong, strong focus to your heart, to your own inner child, to your own sense of well being to your feelings, to your playfulness, to your children, to your creativity, to taking chances to enjoying yourself. That fifth house is you unlike the eleventh house, it's not the collective energy it's what do you need.


The guides are bringing in a sense of some timeout and some resting energy the second half of this month but also because with that, there's change, change. And I'm going to tie that in with the Uranus retrograde which happens on August 24 at 24 degrees of Aries. When the big generational planets are changing directions, there is a big focus like a magnifying glass. So expect some shifts - shifts of perception and change of circumstances. Change in your personal interactions in your personal environment, while also allowing for some time out some increased rest, some increased space in your day to day schedule.


On the 20th of August, Mercury is heading into Virgo where it functions very well. Virgo is earthy and organized and detail oriented it can be extremely critical of self and others. But Virgo is great at routines and taking steps. This is highlighting the day to day work your day to day habits your pets, people who serve you like lawn care professionals, massage therapists, employees, co workers your day to day mundane life and habits and certainly your health.


Virgo grounds in Pisces, which is all about psychic health and spiritual health. Mercury is going to be transiting here through October 26 because Mercury will be retrograding on September 10th at 14 degrees of Virgo until the first week of October. Mercury Retrograde is all about not going out and purchasing new cars and computers and functional high ticket systems. Mercury Retrograde is all about the integration and the spiritual aspect part the timeout Energy


The guides are bringing in forgiving, time out and to focus on your day to day operations, how you feel and what you can do to enhance your health and your daily life in every way. Mercury Retrograde often brings the space and time to think about these things.


Mercury Retrograde brings back in ideas, thoughts, connections or plans that you're now ready to work with in a more focused integrative way as well. New contracts, cars and big ticket purchases get that handled by the end of this month.  Mercury transiting Virgo is a lovely period getting ourselves more organized and functional in whatever way that appears for you.


On the 24th Uranus is stationing retrograde until January at 24 degrees of Aries when the big planets retrograde especially Jupiter's retrograde, Saturn, Pluto all the biggies Neptune Chiron is when it's time for us to integrate the information and the developments of this past year. When all of the energies are move direct things happen in your external life.


Yet when these energies retrograde, it brings a sense of more inner control at the spiritual level, the dimensional level, the vibratory level, the heart level, to integrate this into our work, our growth and our understanding.


On the 27th, Venus is feeling a little shook up. She is finishing her transit in Cancer from 24 degrees and squares Uranus in Aries while opposing Saturn in Capricorn. This is highlighting the upcoming Uranus Saturn square, it's not perfect, but this is going to be strongly influenced September and October.


This square highlights what  longer resonates for you that you've been doing out of habit or doing out of fear. Venus highlights security patterns, family patterns, home patterns, where you live, how you live, shifts, changes and feeling the need to make a course correction or  adjustment.


On the 27th we have a New Moon in the 5th house of Leo highlighting development with children's affairs, your creative projects, love and your own inner child. The New Moon squares Mars in Taurus from the fifth to the second house. And Mars and Taurus is about what do you need? What do your children need? What does your inner child need?  All right. Again, much love to everybody. Be the stability that you want to see in the world.

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Thank you for explaining how mercury retrograde is not to be feared! I’m in need of the rest through the end of August so knowing that, I will make time for it!

Your last statement, “ be the stability you want to see in the world “ is a powerful statement! I will keep that in mind whenever I’m feeling fearful of these changing times😊. I’m as always grateful for your teachings!
Much love right back to you ❤️

Melissa Chevrier

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