AUGUST Part 2 ~ Tropical Chart and New Moon

AUGUST Part 2 ~ Tropical Chart and New Moon


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Welcome to your Part Two August 2022 Video scope. Thanks for visiting thanks for subscribing if you feel moved, I'm a soul coach who works with coaching a lot with Lightworkers right now is removing through the old density patterns, and how some of that needs to shift and is shifting. And then I'm also available for personal sessions and channeled content for my subscribers over on Patreon.


The big news, the second half of this month is on the 20th Mars is heading into Gemini all year and will station retrograde at 25 degrees of Gemini at the end of October. So Mars won't move into Cancer until March 2023. Mars in Gemini is really an Odyssey and a journey for all of us in how we work with our mind and our internal narratives. And our thought forms, a lot of thought forms were born in earlier times that are much more habitual. So this is an opportunity to become much more aware of your instinctual and often unconscious patterns in your communication, your inner narratives.


Mars through Gemini is also going to be bringing up quite a focus on local communities now, local communities and movement and action in local communities. And, you know, this is where the power is right? Now, this is where your power is through the local community. Things that you can work with things that you can positively affect people's lives that you can touch and elevate in some fashion. Mars in Gemini has to do with school systems, and has to do with transportation and mobility. And I do feel with this Mars retrograding we can see a slowdown in all kinds of mobility, I don't feel like they want us moving around a whole lot as we're heading into the fall time period.


But it is a good time to also think about your your mobility, cars, computers, communication devices, your siblings, your relatives, your neighbors. This is really bringing up the relational side of action and energy as well. Be aware of things that you may need, if you've noticed, especially any glitch, in the delivering of things, because the transportation and the supply chain I can certainly conceive of really going through some slowdowns as Mars is slowing down in October, when it retrogrades at the end of October, you just want to be aware of that information and things that you may need and communication patterns etc.


It's really going to be bringing a great deal of focus to your communication patterns and the energy in where you live whether that be a state, a city, a town, the focus is coming into your local and more regional areas for growth and development now.


As we head to the 24th Uranus is stationing retrograde at 18 degrees of Taurus he will be retrograde until January 22. So we have the time when these big generational planets are stationing especially with the retrograde ...everything's retrograde now. Much of the focus is on changes that you're integrating with Uranus stationing retrograde but we can see some developments with resources, food, farming money, as he stations retrograde on the 24th 15 degrees of Taurus. He will station direct in mid January now you have the time to bring the changes that you feel are needed in your own life, your own perception, your own resources, your value


systems and he'll station direct on the 22nd of January 15 degrees of Taurus


We really are moving into another Uranus Saturn square that's going to be in effect from September through October. And we understand what that is at the external level. This is control mechanisms asserted on populations on the external level. It is the moving from these denser fearful patterns into your ascension into your personal growth and expression. We so often learn through stress and crisis and challenge and it's an opportunity to bring more freedom in all manner in both your mind and heart and your Self Love is a big thing right now.


The lightworkers on planet need to move beyond self-limiting thoughts, and programming that has been quite intentional, limiting beliefs about self-confidence and self-worth. This is a big focus now. On the 27th, Venus will move into square this energy. So we're going to get a sense of what this is with Venus in Leo 19 degrees, children, our love our heart, our creativity, is opposing Saturn at 19 degrees of Aquarius and squaring this separating Uranus node conjunction. So be very aware of what this passage can mean for us going forward. And this may be a little bit of a bumpy time with relationships and to be aware of that, but more so awareness about your own relationship with yourself the primary relationship.


On the 25th of the month, Mercury heads into Libra. Alright, so we're seeing relationship energy is a focus and Mercury is going to retrograde in Libra on September 9, until the first week in October. This is a review pattern here too, with justice systems, equality, court decisions, relationship patterns, inner balance, inner harmony, relating on all levels of beauty and support systems.


Mercury Retrograde is always about don't buy new big ticket items like technology, cars and computers. But Mercury Retrograde is giving us all the breathing space to review our relationship with ourself and with others relationship with self first and foremost because that informs our relationships with others.


The New Moon on the 27th of August occurs in Virgo at four degrees indicating external developments with the day to day of things with health systems, with your work with your health, with your pet or with your business, with your products and your services. Mercury rules Virgo so remember new developments at this new moon will be capitalizing on former connections, ideas and contacts that you have the space now to build upon. Venus in Libra is informing this New Moon in Virgo with products and services in the way you live in your health and reaching out for relationship with others in a balanced healing nurturing way. Much love everybody. Be well


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