Dec. 9 - Janaury 26th:  Mars transits Scorpio

Dec. 9 - Janaury 26th: Mars transits Scorpio

The Great Sphinx of Giza - photo by Berta Campbell

The planet ruling physical energy, desire, sex and ambition functions extremely well in the sign of Scorpio - great reserves of strength are found during this transit. Something is in the process of change and transformation - your goals, desires, ambitions, faith, idealism?

When Mars transits Scorpio you don't avoid issues.  You are ready to do battle especially regarding justice and conscious awareness.  The pull between ego of personality and soul wisdom is strong now.  You may be juggling what you want vs. ethics.  Is what you want aligned with the higher good for you and/or others? 

Put another way, the focus is on your intention.  Being aware of your intention is important now.  People may misinterpret but when you know why you are doing what you are doing that carries weight and energetic clarity.

The lower vibration of this strong willed transit is the ends justify the means.  Scorpio's desire for power, control and manipulation in the underdeveloped can be quite disturbing and nefarious. 

Attachment to desires are part of the spiritual journey.  When you are overly attached to outcomes - the "when and how", it causes internal disturbance. The Manifestation process asks that you release attachments - focus on your highest intention and trust that a higher wisdom is at play.

Your perception, determination, strength of will, stubbornness, magnetic appeal, and desire nature is energized during this Mars transit. Mars meets up with Jupiter in January from the 4 - 7th at 17 degrees Scorpio.  Idealism is strong as the energies of Mars blend well with Jupiter.  Jupiter teaches the way of transformation and Mars backs it up with courage and energy.

Scorpio rules:  psychological transformation, taxes, inheritance, transitions, sex, intimacy, financial partners, budgets, surgery, resource allocation, channeling, debts, loans, insurance, death and rebirth.

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